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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Food Tracking

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I like the questions about mood and effects of eating. I wish that was incorporated into the food log on Sparkpoints. Report
Great ! Report
I track every day. Both manually (for my doctor's review on her form) and thru Sparkpeople. It really, really, really makes a difference in what you eat and strengthens the control you have to avoid certain foods. Report
If I'm not tracking....I'm gaining. Ugh. Report
I track most of the day, but by the time the evening rolls around, I am exhausted and forget. I have to be better about that. Report
I like to track my food before I put the food in my mouth. Looking at it on my tracker may help me to make a different decision. Maybe I will leave something out - like avocado or only half a cheese topping. I don't do it every time but it does help me to plan better. Report
Good article....Tracking really does keep me on target! Report
Great information. Report
Good info Report
Tracking before you start is an excellent idea. Let's you know just how many calories you have been eating. Report
Awesome Report
great. Report
Great article! Report
Tracking is the best way for me to lose weight and keep my Diabetes under control. Report
Some good ideas - focused planning also helps. Report

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