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15 Diet-Friendly Ice Cream Choices

Get the Scoop on Picking a Healthier Ice Cream


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My only thought was whether or not the Kiwis and the US were converted into the SAME gallon. The US gallon is NOT the same as the one the "rest" of the world uses (mainly Commonwealth countries) we use (or used to use) the Imperial gallon which is approximately 1.25x larger Report
Ice cream is one of my basic food groups! Report
Good info Report
It's sad to say, but I put Canada's and New Zealand's yearly icecream consumption to shame.....that is my biggest Achilles heel..... Report
Great info, especially since ice cream is my bete noire Report
Great ideas. Thanks Report
I've become a huge fan of Froozer, which is best described as a frozen smoothie in a tube with ONLY fruit, and clocks in at 35 - 45 calories per serving. Our local Wal-Mart has them and they've become a staple in my freezer. Report
Thanks! Hubby is now dealing with lactose intolerance and icecream is a favorite of his. We'll look for the non- dairy choices! Report
Best tip I've ever heard for portion control in ice cream: use baby size bowls and baby size spoons. The sizes that you buy in the baby section of the store for actual babies. You may feel silly, but those are the portions and bite sizes that are best for high calorie ice cream. Report
Thanks! Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
I recommend Halo Top - not quite ice cream, but a frozen treat with a nutrition profile similar to a protein shake. It depends on the flavor, but calories range from 240-329 FOR THE ENTIRE PINT! (I don't typically eat the whole pint since I like tokeep my portions small, but my husband routinely does). Decent swap for ice cream/froyo if you want/need a frozen treat and/or a way to get extra protein in! Report
Good information Report

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