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6 Ways to Get Lean by Going Green

Eco-Friendly Choices Can Slim Your Waist and Fatten Your Wallet


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You can CHOOSE to nourish your body with foods that help fuel you with energy and focus and that keep you vibrant. ~ 3/31/18 Report
Love my farmers mkt. when it's around! Doesn't start here till June. Report
nice ideas Report
great info Report
Good article. Report
great info Report
I really liked this article .I think it encourages us in all the right ways Report
great! Report
Yesterday evening gasoline was under $2 a gallon here. I doubt it is $4 a gallon anywhere now as it was in 2008 when this was written. Maybe someone could peruse the articles on a regular basis and update them. Report
If #2 is correct then I burn more gasoline sitting at red lights. My old car gets better gas mileage than a lot of the newer cars, (found out while renting them, while car was being worked on), and it's healthier to go to the grocery store than a fast food drive through anyway.
And I won't even get started on the CO2 of cattle in unhealthy environment. It was better for the smaller farms to exist than the huge corporate farms, but I said I wouldn't get started and I did. Oops! LOL Report
Flexitarian also promotes plants which in actually improves air quality. More plants also means more bees an helps reverse the global decline of bee populations.

If there were a number 7--it might just be prepare your foods from scratch. The quality of your food will be better and the pollution from food processing plants greatly reduced. Do we really need a company to triple wash, slice, and package small bags of fruit/vegetables or pre-form hamburger patties/meatballs and the like for us? Report
Thanks so much for this article. Flexitarian is cool, but, for some of us, really, it's much more about vegetarian, or vegan. Proud and grateful to be a vegetarian athlete! Report
I can't think of anything that will get you in better shape than gardening and landscaping. Every muscle in your body gets a workout. Nothing is better for flabby triceps than using a wheelbarrow! I LOVE exercise that has multiple rewards. You look good, your yard looks beautiful and you get (almost free) fresh, healthy food. Report
Decently written articles with valid points. My only counter measure is that fruit and veggies are sprayed and many are GMO. During the winter it is impossible to get local fruit and veggies. We do get our share all year around but I am always aware of how they are produced. Report
The Farmer's market is much more Green than just the market. You do not have to buy organic if you can talk to the farmer and understand that maybe they refuse to label organically grown food without jumping though hoops. I have found that yes it is a bit more expensive, but we as a society waste far too much food, if we compare how much of that bulk fruit we actually ate compared to a few pieces of fresh from the farm we might see the cost is closer to the same. At least in my experience. I have been a farm to fork girl for 5 years now, and I love it. If you guy seasonal, you will learn what to do with new vegetables. I just learned about cooking squash leaves and they were delicious! I never imagined eating them before. I have forced myself to learn about dandelion greens, mustard greens and kale. I even found a way to serve chard that my partner will eat. It is about letting go of your perceptions of convenience and looking into new ideas. Sure the local market has cheaper food, but after it was harvested early, artificially ripened with some gas, shipped and stored, is it really that fresh? Report

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