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''I Thought I'd Always Be Fat''

One Member Shares What a Difference a Year Makes


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Love this! And I’m slowly getting good at dusting myself off!!!! Report
WOW...incredible.... Report
Way to go Alexa! The only thing I wish you'd done different is report that server to her supervisor! That was totally uncalled for!!! Thanks for inspiring us today!!! Report
What an inspring story and article! Thanks for sharing!! Report
wow what a story and good for you Report
Amazing. there is still hope to achieve what one thought was not possible. Report
This is such a positive article. It gives us all hope by realizing it can be done. It's not always easy but being healthy is sure worth the ups and downs of weight loss Report
I loved this article so much I just subscribed to her blog! Report
Great article!

Remember "Nothing is but that thinking makes it so!" ~Shakespeare Report
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Report
Thanks for sharing. One day at a time... Report
Thanks for all the inspiration! Cheers to you! Report
Attitude makes all the difference. Report
Thak you for the upbeat message. Report
Very true that a year can make so much of a difference. Report

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