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The 3-Minute Step Test

A DIY Fitness Assessment


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This doesn't have to do with these tests, but it's an observation. Has anyone else noticed the opportunistic use of ads for desserts and other weight-loss-inhibiting foods on these pages? I think the advertisers are counting on our failing and falling prey to their temptations. Kind of sucks, don't you think? Report
Very good way of measuring. Report
Interesting. These types of tests are difficult for individuals on medications that cause the heart remain steady and increase minimally. An example is the beta blockers. Report
What ad? Mine is not covered by an ad.

Belle, the chart posts the maximum heart rate at the end of your 3 minute test, I believe. And then you watch your heart rate come back down to your regular beat. Report
101 at 32 years old... this was the only test I didn't score in the bottom of! Pushups and crunches are not my thing! But I have a low resting heart rate (I run), so I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. Report
That was interesting
There should be assessments like this for all exercises. Thanx! Report
too short for a 12" step. have a step though and do the exercise anyway. Report
Thanks. Report
This is a helpful assessment but the article fails to explain a couple of things. 1. You must measure your heart rate BEFORE you start as well as immediately after, otherwise how do you know what your HR should be returning to? 2. What are the numbers in the chart? Are they the number of seconds it takes to return to "normal"? It doesn't say. 3. As has been observed by others, leg length is going to make a difference. I'm short - a 12" step is going to be harder work for me than a tall person with long legs - obviously. I guess the key here is not to take too much notice of the chart and focus on whether your results are improving rather than comparing yourself with other people. Report
I used my tool box that doubles as a step. Handy thing.... it stores my tools and is exactly 12 inches high. I don't exactly understand the chart. Is that the heart rate you start with or the seconds for it to return to normal. Report
I recommend using an ad blocker, very simple to do. I am not troubled by ads. They find other ways to get ads delivered to you but they don't cover up the articles. Report
I bought a step from Canadian Tire two years ago. And I have only used it twice. But I would say go at your own pace if you need. Mine came with a dvd and I sure cannot keep up with it. So I go at my own pace until I get better. I don't usually go by my heart rate. But it sure reminds me to get my step out and now that I think of it I should just leave out so its there, then maybe I will use it more. I'm glad that I read this article now I know what I need to do when I don't feel like doing anything, which is almost every day. But I might just use my step. thanks
Okay, I've noticed other people realized this too: this article says to take your heart rate RIGHT after the 3-minutes of takes longer than 2 seconds (providing that's how long it takes you to sit down on the bench/step) for your heart rate to return to normal. Report
Opening the article in Safari helps with the chart being covered by ads (it's not in Safari).

But I have to say, of all the fitness tests, this one is the least helpful because of the recommendation to always use a 12" step. A 5'1" person will have to use a LOT more cardio effort than a 6'5" person. Male or female. I'm talking leg length and the amount of effort it takes to raise that leg from the ground up to a 12" step. It's easier for taller people, and therefore the charts should really be broken down into height or leg length, not just age and male/female. Report

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