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Glossary of Fitness Terms

Basic Definitions for Exercise Words and Phrases


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putting them on and seeing how they're getting too big and picking out cute smaller ones Report
I love the wii fit and belly dancing! Report
Walking into a Local sub shop & having an entire work crew of guys turn & stare! Report
I love the Wii Fit. It's like playing games but you really work up a sweat and there are so many different options. You can choose from Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics, or Balance and do different activities each day. Report
My husband and I have taken three trips consisting of ten days to three weeks where we bicycle and camp out the whole way. On the first trip, going from San Francisco to Oxnard, down the coast, we got married in our bicycle shorts in Morro Bay! Even the preacher was wearing shorts! Report
I love my 20-20-20 class where we do 20 minutes of spinning, step and kickboxing, throw in some stairs, laps around the track and windsprints. It is a great feeling to feel so exhausted and sweaty by the end and know that you didn't stop. Plus sometimes we get out the pom poms and my inner cheerleader wanna be comes out. I just pretend we are all Laker girls! It is so much fun just to let go with others! Report
My new Power Vinyasa Flow yoga class....a great workout plus I feel amazing! Report
The most fun i have with exercize clothes on is dancing with my children to our favorite music, this keeps us all fit and happy and entertained. Report
Hiking through the woods and gullies of Barbados with the Barbados National Trust- now that's a blast, and educational too! Report
An hour's worth of trampoline jumping to great music! Report
I took a belly dancing class Report
making a mud pit and mud resling with grand kids Report
Finishing my first 5K on June 21st, 2008. Report
I love to put on some high energy songs and do aerobics with my mom. I love making up new moves and moving the rhymes of the songs. Report
I signed up for an aerobics class at my community center. I had fun just learning the steps and the other women and men in the class kept me motivated. It was a 60 min workout that was hard but when you were done you felt like you could conquer the world. Report

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