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Glossary of Fitness Terms

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ZUMBA! The funnest group exercise class on the planet. If you love dancing and showing off your moves, I highly recommend finding a Zumba class. Report
Having just lost a significant amount of weight and feeling young again, I joined our community and the local college in attempting to meeting the world's largest soccer game. What a great time playing aggressively as a 50-something, grey-haired lady with all of the young college jocks. I must admit I got knocked on my behind more than once, but what a great time!!!!!
Aunt Tish Report
Doing calf raises while tanning in a stand up booth! Yes, I'm a multi-tasker!!!
(PS... I wasn't wearing my workout clothes either! haha) Report
going out with friends for the day up in the mountains, stopping at lots of shops along the way. then driving into a park, taking an unexpected hike in the woods, walking back to the car, going swimming, goofing around, eating at a wonderful restaurant on the way home. Didn't feel like I did much exercise that day but I did once I figured out the amount of time and distance walking/swimming. Report
I thought I got an early start today and was going to miss all the rain. Got caught in a down pour off rain at the 2.5 point. finished the 5 mile walk soaking wet and smiling! Report
I love my Rockin Body Dance videos. I can get freaky in my own living room and no one is looking at me like I am idiot, except for my doggies. They actually start moving around with me! It is fun for us to move our bodies and use them for what they are made for: being happy and healthy! Report
Dancing when I go to the club...well I guess I don't wear my workout clothes but I still get a good workout, lol. Report
I am thrilled with the number of calories burned when golfing with a cart. In this heat, I certainly agree with the numbers. It is the most fun exercise of all , to me. Try it, you might like it! Report
Dance Dance Revolution! It's a remixed, rockin video game version of Simon Says. There're flashing arrows on the TV screen that tell you how to step and you mimic those steps on a dance pad. I can play this for hours and not even notice the time passing by. Since the game has me constantly hopping and moving about I sometimes burn 1000 calories or more in one session. Report
Water aerobics with aqua weights 3x a week! I get to jump around in the pool & get fit at the same time. After class is over I swim some laps & pool walk also. It's a great way to keep cool in the summer. Report
The most fun I had was just this last weekend at a Christian Music Rock Fest. First thing was there was a booth there for the army and you could do 10 push ups and win some prizes. Well that morning my husband returned to our tent and bragged how he did 50 no problem. So I went up later that day and asked the Sarg. what I needed to do and he said match my hubby (hesitant of course) So I got down doing real push ups. A crowd started to gather, and my friend was counting and everyone was cheering me on. My daughter said peoples jaws were dropping as I continued on past 30 push ups. She said the crowd was in amazement of my abiilty, she could hear people say she must work out every day. So as I near 50 my body starts to shake and tremble, but I did it! I did 50 push ups (not even in my exercise clothes, just dressed for the day) I get up and the Sarg ask me how old are you and I said 41 and he said congratulations and what an accomplishment that was. The second thing is during these concerts I was in great shape and was able to get in the crowd with all the bands and jump up and down and dance all 3 day's and not hurt afterwards. The third finally thing that day after the push ups I topped it off (literally) by CROWD SURFIN! The adrenaline was pumping and I was flying high! I cant tell you how awesome of a feeling it was to have the stamina for the weekend, and the confidence to do everything I had done. This was the most fun to show those around me your never to old to get fit, have fun & PLAY HARD! Report
Running a marathon. After my accident I was told I would never run, jog again. I have started jogging, it's been over three years, on the beach and grass and I fully intend to run again, no races for a long time, but I will lose the rest of this weight and do it! I love to walk, run, jog, move......... Report
Bike rides are a great workout, you get to be outdoors, explore new places, have fun etc Report
I love to swim! I always have, and now I am swimming about a mile at least 3 times a week. I love being able to swim breast stroke, back stroke and free style. I also love yoga and pilates. I feel strong and healthy! Report
I absolutely love Karate!! I thought I was too old and there was a program that was included in my gym membership but there are people in it older than me and they also love it. We are encouraged to do what we can and have fun. Report

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