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Increase Your Abe-ility

Former President Spent Life Persevering


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thanks for sharing Report
Good information! Thank you!! Report
I can do anything I set my mind too Report
Good article. Report
Your attitude and not your aptitude determines your altitude Report
Great article. Great usage of our historical president, and way to inspire us. Thank you. Report
Exactly what I needed to hear today. My confidence has been flagging lately, and the questions at the end of each point are really good ones to ask myself.

Thanks for this! Report
This was a really inspiring article. It was just what I needed today! Thanks so much! Report
Lincoln is my favorite historical person and really an inspiration. Great article! Report
Reading about someone else's setbacks that they walked away from is inspiring. Great to see people achieve their goals no matter what. Report
Just what I needed to read today. Report
truly someone to aspire to Report
What a story to remember. :) He was truly a good man who never gave up!
I enjoyed this article. Abraham Lincoln is a great role model for us all. Report
Always love your articles, Mike. This one was no exception! What a great man Abraham Lincoln was. Inspiring!
Jan Report

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