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Homemade Beauty Recipes for Summer

Natural Treatments for Healthy Skin


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Love the beauty tips ideas during summer, Thank you so much for valuable homemade suggestions on beauty. Surely gonna try this out.
also Report
I am natural. Don't use anything on my face far as chemical goes. Report
I have heard blueberry masks can stain the skin. Did they try these first? Just curious. I read an article elsewhere where the blueberry mask was a fail because of this. Just warning in case you try it!
I do love natural products. Report
It's goes against the grain to rub food all over our bodies when people are starving in other countries. Report
I like the cucumber mask for sensitive skin.... Report
i love blue berrys i have a punnet in the freezer at all times and will snack on a handfull often. Report
I don't like the feel of blueberries in skin products.

I do make scrubs from salt, sugar, honey, and a few drops of essential oil. A treatment for soft skin is heavy cream, whipped, and then drizzle in fresh lemon juice. Not only will it make your skin soft, but the lemon juice will make your skin brighter.

My face cleaner is a mix of castor & almond oils. I apply it in the shower and then use a hot cloth over my face...this draws out the impurities. I've never had smaller pores or softer skin. Report
Yeah I agree I would rather have eaten some of these- not to mention what you EAT affects not just your health but also your appearance.... Report
I love to put the cucumbers in the freezer and almost freeze them (just till their a bit stiff) and then put on my eyes. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh feels so good! Report
Like the other commenters, I would more likely eat these ingredients! Report
sounds like a waste of good food . . . Report
I come home from blueberry picking with purple stained fingers every time.... Wouldn't the blueberries turn your face purple too? I guess maybe next time I get some that are a little too ripe for optimal snacking I could try wearing them, but honestly, I'd rather eat them. Yum!
A summer lede in a story running in November? Seriously? Report
I don't think I'll be using the blueberries at all first because they're really expensive (organic blueberries) second I think it's a waste of a perfectly good snack, lol. I'll stick to my Beauti Control products for my face. ...I may have to try the oatmeal though. Report
When I was young, I didn't think about chemicals making me sick from NAME BRAND products that I bought, because I thought they HAD to be safe, but now I'm not sure, so I avoid them and opt for items sold in the HEALTH FOOD STORE. Report

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