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8 Exercise Energy Zappers

How to Beat Your Mid-Workout Slump


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Indeed...thanks! Report
Thank you. Report
Thank you! Report
I can relate to many of these Report
thanks Report
I can relate, I was on medication and decided to run a 10k in the hot Georgia heat. Made it through my run but when I got back, I passed out and woke up in the ER with IV's sticking in both arms! Report
Have a friend who passed out because of dehydration. Drink that water. Report
It's mice to know that a sudden slump may mean a need for a break, and no worries, we'll be back to normal back soon. Report
Very important Report
Need to read this one! Thanks for sharing! Report
Words of wisdom, especially on sleep Report
This was a good article. I enjoyed the information. Report
Knowledge is power...Thanx Report
good things to know Report

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