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8 Exercise Energy Zappers

How to Beat Your Mid-Workout Slump


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Words of wisdom, especially on sleep Report
This was a good article. I enjoyed the information. Report
Knowledge is power...Thanx Report
good things to know Report
What has helped me when I feel my energy flagging (usually during cardio) is simply scaling back the intensity -- but I keep moving. I have found that if I ease up on the RPMs or resistance for a few minutes, I can usually push through the fatigue and finish up stronger. Report
learned some new things Report
Great info. Thanks. Report
Great advice. Report
Good article. Report
Thanks. Good info. Report
So far, the only slumps I've experienced have been banished by just getting myself TO the gym. But these are good tips if I ever find myself flagging AT the gym. Report
I agree with everything apart from the bit about needing to eat carbs. I have been on many, MANY 6 mile runs and I eat low carb. I've never felt more energetic and full of life. You don't need to eat carbs before a workout to feel energised. But thanks for the article anyway, very informative. Report
I sometimes feel that and I just say push through it or get my mind off it. Report
I agree with most of this article, but I could not agree less with Coach Nicole, and Sparkpeople in general, about carbs. Nicole is correct that your body burns carbs for energy and that carbs are the body's preferred source of energy. However, if you eat carbs before your workout, you will ONLY be burning off the carbs, not body fat. Not great if you're trying to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, drop the carbs and your body will use excess body fat for energy. Report

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