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Exercising with Lower Back Pain

Increase Strength & Flexibility to Decrease Pain


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My back went to heck a few years ago. I hired a personal trainer who had me work on my core as well as balance on a Bosu ball. Long story short, no more back pain. The advice in this article is 100% correct. Report
I will be trying these! Thank you for the article! Report
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
- Mohandas Gandhi Report
_Linda, I have major nerve damage in my spine and am in a wheelchair. I too do the exercises you describe as best I can and they do help with the pain. Thanks for the reminder. Report
My back pain comes from severe damage by RA and osteoporosis. But core strength helps as does targeted stretching and flexibility exercises, one of which is the knees to the chest -that one feels the best! Also helping is laying down on the back with both knees bent and then rocking them gently side to side (not too far out) while tucking tummy in. Do it for a minute than bring one knee at a time to your chest and hold for a minute, than switch to the other. If you do these several times a day you will keep your back loosened up. Report
Good article. Report
I just wish there was an exercise for back spasms. Report
Thanks Report
good ideas Report
thank you Report
Great exercises! Report
I will keep these in my list and share them with others who need to be award of the back Report

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