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Exercising with Lower Back Pain

Increase Strength & Flexibility to Decrease Pain


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I've had 3 back surgeries so far and after each one had physical therapy. These are some of the same exercises I had to do in therapy. I will start doing them again. Thanks for the reminder, I was slacking off. Report
Absolutely great Report
thanks for sharing Report
I just started my healthy lifestyle journey, and have been suffering lower back pain on and off for the past few months. Thank you so much for sharing these exercises. Report
I need to work on the core muscles! Report
I don't have back problems yet, but that's probably because my knees are really bad. Report
Great! article going to share with family members Report
Thank you for sharing the article. I too have degenerative disc disease, nerve & muscle damage, along with other issues. My specialists do not tell me much & I usually do not know what to ask them. The exercises sound like they would be worth me trying them as long as I start slowly. Again, Thank you all for the tips!
I have a laundry list of back problems from bulging discs to degenerative disc disease , to nerve damage from one of my illness plus a syrinx in the middle of my back (specific type of tumor) My orthopedic surgeon sent me to Physical Therapy because there is so little he can do for me and my first appointment was today. I was taught a number of exercises that are supposed to be "easy" but will strengthen my core muscles. Some very close to what is in this article. Came home with a sheet of these exercises I have to do every day between my appointments. I sure hope it truly helps because right now I hurt so bad I can't move. Here is hoping! Report
GREAT Report
And the key for me, is doing these exercises S L O W L Y. Report a child, could not walk or run like other children and, per my mom, i was still being carried when my younger sibling was already walking... wasn't until year's later that i was diagnosed with flat feet, which causes all types of foot-ankle-posture-alignment-back issues!!!...

...threw my back out at work plus a C-section, i now suffer with CHRONIC back pain!...

...worked out the flat foot issue with Orthotics... doctor put me on pills to manage back pain... biggest waste of time and money...these exercises are my last hope!...

...wonder why this was not suggested by doctor's in the early days?... hope doctor's are getting smarter and realize every medical issue can't be solved by a pill or surgery... maybe what is needed (as in my case) is some good, old fashioned exercise!!! Report
Thanks. Report
We need to exercise to our own capabilities. Thsee are good suggestions. Report
These are good ones! Strong core; strong back. Report

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