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6 Sunless Tanning Secrets

What the Bottle Won't Tell You


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I can't get past the stench of the self-tanner after it is applied and I've used several different brands, most claiming to be odorless. For some reason, they all make me smell like dirt. Ewwww. Report
To reduce dark patches, try applying skin lotion to the dry areas about an hour before using the tanning product. Skin that is dry sucks up more cream and ends up darker than the less dry skin. Applying hand lotion to the palms and between the fingers before rubbing on sunless tan lotion will help to reduce the coloring of these areas. Report
I think this article is GREAT! My sister passed away from Skin Cancer last month and to have this article here is wonderful! People do not realize just how much damage tanning beds and laying out can do. My sister suffered for years, due to her LOVE of the sun. People need to realize they need to protect themselves. Report
Amazing article! Leanne, you really did your homework! I think anyone interested in experimenting with a sunless tanner would benefit from this article. Report
Yes do that patch test of course they are better now than in the 70 I was a bright orange color for several weeks.. LOL be careful folks... Report
Thanks for the tips.

I sweat too much throughout the day and inevitably that causes rub offs onto my clothes or blotchiness. I hate it! Report
Great article. Thanks. Report
With so many individuals being diagnosed with Melanoma (me for one) it seems to be the saftest way to have golden tan skin. I had to learn this the hard way. "Don't be like me a statistic ." Michelle D. Report
You didn't mention tanning wipes. I use Tan Towels and they are nearly goof proof, no dark elbows or knees, no tanned panties, sheets or bath towels. They seem to smooth my skin too and I like the light citrusy scent that dissapears right away. I thought I had used different wipes, but it turns out that the Life brand from Shoppers Drug Mart is made by the same company. I have dayglo white skin and these are way a)cheaper b) more comfortable c) quicker over several days than hosiery and he he then you can wear your legs with shorts or a bathing suit too.
Rosie Report
I use an airbrush with circular strokes and get great results. I have found that using multible light coats works best for a natural look. I do a light coat at night befor bed then another in the morning after I shower. It is worth the trouble if you want a tan. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma 7 years ago. My 16 year old daughter had 2 melanoma leasions removed in March. Report
I tried a fake tan, but couldn't quite get past the smell that the chemical has. Maybe I won't notice it as much this year...? Report
Great article Leanne - thanks for sharing
Polly Report
"Use enough tanner to cover a whole area of your body at once (such as your entire arm) using long, smooth, downward strokes for even coverage."

Large circular strokes are better for avoiding streaks! Report

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