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8 Lessons from ''The Biggest Loser''

Advice to Take Away from the Show


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I love this! I understand the arguments people have against this show being unrealistic but I think the underlying theme is that you CAN change your life if you want to and you commit to you. You may not be able to go to the BL Ranch and workout 8 hours a day for 12 weeks so it might take you longer to lose the weight, but you can lose the weight if you work hard and stay consistent. Report
I am so motivated by the Biggest Loser! I love watching the transformations in the contestants and the seeing them keep going even when they want to quit always makes me keep going! Report
I have been watching The Biggest Loser for three years. I find it very interesting. It helps me see that someone really over weight can lose. The trainers do work them really hard. But they have agreed to have a trainer that they know is going to push them. I have really enjoyed watching and hope that there are a lot more shows to come, because I feel like it has helped a lot of people not only on the show, but all of us that are watching. It gives a lot of good points of being healthier.
I find that show to be dangerous and very unrealistic !
Has there been anyone on there with say a bad heart condition that desperately needs to loose weight?
Has there been anyone on there that is handicapped?
Is there anyone on there that is up in age and in poor health?

Of course not, doesn't make for a good show ! Afterall, who would She have to yell at to keep going till they almost pass out? How can you have a handicapped person push a football dummy across the field.? Wouldn't be good for the ratings.

This show doesn't care about the's about the ratings.
How many people love to sit at home drinking beers, and watch a fat person being yelled at? These people have had enough strangers stare at them, call them names, tell them they are good for nothing, that they don't know how to do anything right ! Why does it have to be done again in front of the world?

I guess it makes it alright since they are being paid to be treated this way...that in itself proves how little self -respect they already have for a bunch of other people are going to drive it home.

What is the main TRUTH about this show --You are a good for nothing, worthless person who deserves no respect...UNLESS YOU ARE THIN!!! Report
I'm surprised this trainer is talking about this show being great. Isn't this the show that has people losing large amounts of weight quickly?
I don't like the show. Yes, I like seeing people lose weight. But what MANY doctors, trainers, dieticians, and nutritionist fail to learn from their clients is people just don't put weight on because they are hungry or like food. There is always a "reason" for the weight gain. THAT needs to be addressed as well as changing the diet. If you just change the diet and not the issue then the weight will come back on as it has for even the Biggest Losers.
There was one time I did see the show and they showed a doctor talking to a young girl, he was getting into the emotional side but then it cut to commercial and when it came back they were in the weight room with the Jillian and Bob yelling and insulting the contestant. Just what a person with low self esteem issues needs.
Sorry, don't like the show and disappointed this trainer talks about it.
Not to mention half of us can't afford trainers anyhow. Report
I'm appalled that this article is appearing on Spark People. TBL is a horrible show, and we don't hear from more of the contestants because they are afraid of being sued. SP should not publish this garbage. A mere disclaimer at the bottom doesn't prevent this some looking like SP endorses TBL.

Color me disappointed. Report
Love this reality show! I'm really glad they are showing how hard it is but how people CAN make the change without HCG or operations, or gastric bypass. It's very inspirational and motivating for me. I love the article too, as it shows me how I can use the shows benefits even when I don't get to be on it. Report
An obligatory "Spark is not affiliated with The Biggest Loser" sentence does not make up for a website ostensibly about healthy living to be promoting such an awful show with its unrealistic, unhealthy and downright dangerous approach to weight loss.

I'm so disgusted, I considered unsubscribing from email alerts if this is the kind of content I can expect in my inbox. Report
I haven't watched the show from the beginning but have for about 5 years now.... at first I watched from my recliner while I snacked watching them workout made me hungry!! Then I joined the biggest loser and found a group (get off the recliner and live life) and then we came to sparkpeople..... and our goal was to workout during the show each week! I started out just working on my gazelle during the show and took breaks during commercials... then I started working out throughout the entire show.... I find now that the show gives me more motivation to work out while I watch and look forward to it each week to get that extra boost.......

I never liked the part where people got voted out but there have been times when I was happy some of them left because their attitutes were awful and they really weren't trying and some just quit. I'd wonder why did you sign up for this if you didn't want to do it? you watched the show right? I wouldn't want to be there with someone screaming at me like the trainers so that's not for me but I do like the lessons they give you to relate to myself and sometimes I find I reflect back on why I'm overweight.

I look forward to the show but like with EVERYTHING you have to pick and choose what is good for you!

Suz Report
I DO blame the ensuing weight gain on the tenets of the show which make it seem okay to lose weight so quickly. Yes, part of the blame lies on us if we can be blamed for not realizing that a lifetime of entrenched bad habits cannot be replaced with habits for a future lifetime of health and well being in such a short period of time.

The 2nd problem as I see it is that many watching want to emulate the fast weight lost without the support, information, or time or funds to devote to such a time consuming program.

And the 3rd problem is the stigma placed on contestants who do work very hard all week and come out on the bottom in weight loss and wind up going home. How demoralizing. Your body didn't give it up this week so you're out of here, implying that they didn't work as hard as others, or were sneaking twinkies in the closet.

Very unrealistic expectations for very realistic bodies.

Can people learn something from watching the show, being on it, or trying to go BL on your own? Probably. I'm not sure it's the things listed in the article. Report
not a fan of the reality show, but the article was informative. Report
Here in the UK season 11 is airing and I have been watching the show since season 7. I think it is great! It is so motivating. However, I do know that to try to lose that amount of weight at home is extremely hard but people on the show who have been voted off manage to do it without trainers or medical specialists and I wonder how they do it. Do they work out 6-8 hours a day? Who can afford all that time? I wish I knew. When the first people are voted off are they given advice, diet sheets and trainers? If not, it seems such a shame and so demoralising for them. Having said all that I still watch the show because I love it. Tara (season 7) is my hero.with Ada (season 10) coming a very close second. I will continue to watch the show because I love seeing the transformations and the difference it makes to peoples' lives - nothing short of miraculous. Report
Is it possible to write some new articles or at least update them? The biggest Loser is now in season 14. I know that this can be relevant still but in 9 years a lot of info has changed. Report
I watched the show a few times, but I stopped, because the basic rules don't make sense. Making the person who loses the least leave the show at regular intervals is counterproductive; what's with that wave of people being voted off or eliminated in all those reality shows anyway? They should keep everybody on so they all continue to lose weight. Report
I think TBL gives out great tips on how you can lose weight at home (especially the 'trainers tips' during commercial breaks). The one thing everyone has to realize about this show is that these contestants workout 6-8 hours a day, that's how they lose the weight so fast. The trainers really focus on 'WHY' the contestants ended up being overweight and I love that about the show. People really need to stop bashing this show. They are HELPING people lose weight and get to the depths of their problems on how they ended up like that. Yes it's true they workout 6-8 hours a day, but they are under constant surveillance to make sure they are safe. Plus, they learn great information to take home with them so they can continue their weight loss. And to blame the show for contestants gaining weight back? RUBBISH! I have re-gained weight before and I can tell you it wasn't anyone's fault but my own! I would have given anything to have been able to be on the show. I totally love that sparkpeople put this article out! Report

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