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8 Lessons from ''The Biggest Loser''

Advice to Take Away from the Show


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"Consistency is the key." In fact, I included that statement in my comment section of my sparkpage. This has been a problem for me in every area of my life. I have come to grips with this weakness and I vow with God's guidance and the support of this website to become better. Report
The first thing about the biggest loser show is that these people have left their jobs, homes, etc to do nothing but loose weight for those weeks. If I did that, I'd lose crazy weight too. But it's not realistic, nor healthy. This article has a lot of great points since so many people are inspired by the show. I currently am working with a biggest loser group here on spark people. We are more about encouraging each other, all working together, having that support, doing smaller challenges, and changing our lives over the course of the next 13 weeks. I'm not expecting to drop 100 or even 50 lbs, but I do know that I've dropped my first 15 and my lifestyle is changing. I'm happy, I have support and things are easier having that support. Also on those days that I feel like not doing something I think of how it will affect us as a team. Eventually that will change to how it will affect me and my future with my health/family but for now, I need that extra motivation.

Great points in this article! Report
I have to credit "The Bggest Loser" for saving my life. This show inspired and the contestants on it inspired me to get up and do something for myself. The Motto, "what have you done today to me you feel proud" has become my way of life. I, to date, have lost 78 lbs of the 139lbs I am shooting for. I have NEVER felt better and I owe it to the show for making me see...I CAN DO THIS, & I DO MATTER!!!
Everyone else can do it too... Report
I've never seen the show, but I understand its appeal. It's makes you feel you are not alone in this struggle and that others have the same issues. Report
Whenever you get down about the amount of pounds per week that the contestants are losing as opposed to what you're losing, just remember most of them end up having to get surgery to remove the excess skin when the show is over. Don't let yourself lose your motivation. Know you are doing great while being healthy by losing little by little. If nothing else, think of how much money you're saving yourself because you're losing slowly--- you won't need surgery to remove excess skin. :-) Report
I love watching the Biggest Loser, but I do agree that seeing all those people lose 13+ pounds A WEEK definitely has a detrimental affect in the way that I look at myself. Seeing the contestants when they first start out and their goal weights, I related to them. I would think to myself "I can do this too! I can lose all this weight, just look at them!" But then they would continue to lose all that weight in a week, and I'd be left behind by my 2 pound weight loss. It's still great to see how much of a change they all go through, not even physically, but mentally as well. Report
I agree on the motivational comments in the article, but with an average loss of more than 100 lbs in 12 weeks, that's 8.3 lbs lost on average EACH week - not at all healthy. I don't watch the show for that reason - I find I am less motivated because of the massive losses I see, and although I know it's not healthy, it's hard to see all that 'success' (as unhealthy as it may be) and stay on track for my .5 to 1.5 per week. Report
I love the biggest loser. Along with having weight issues, there are underlying reasons as to why their is a weight problem. Bob and Jillian has helped many people get to those sources, which in itself is a major accomplishment. I look at the contestants on the show, and I say to myself, I can do it too!!! Report
I'm sure there are good things to learn from Biggest Loser, but in the end they ARE producing a TV show. Many of us on Spark People know all about intense periods of pushing ourselves, losing weight and staying in control... followed by the all-too-familiar reaction to those periods of excessive control in our lives. Spark People is so much saner than that, teaching us to deal with real life, not the all-or-nothing mentality of the diet industry. Report
While this article contained lots of good advice and motivation, I'm concerned that the contestants lost over 100 pounds in 12 weeks. That doesn't seem healthy to me. Also I'd like to know what the recidivism rate is. As most of us know, losing the weight is only part of the problem--most obese people have lost weight many times. The issue is keeping it off. Report
That was the best article I've ever read on Spark. Everyone trying to lose weight should read this. Report
Great article. I am amazed at how much weight these obese people lose within 12 weeks of being serious with diet and exercise. Makes me realize that it doesn't need to take that long to see results. Report
An article that I needed to read at this time. I've hit my 30 lb mark. In the past, I've always "celebrated" this mark by giving up and just going back to my old habits. This article is very motivating - a good one to share with family and friends. Thanks. Report
An article that I needed to read at this time. I've hit my 30 lb mark. In the past, I've always "celebrated" this mark by giving up and just going back to my old habits. This article is very motivating - a good one to share with family and friends. Thanks. Report
I totally agree with everything in the article but I have always disliked "The Biggest Loser" show because they seem totally focused on only measuring success by weight loss and they push and reward contestants who lose more than a few pounds a week which we know is NOT healthy, even for the most the obese. Additionally, the contestants are not in a real life setting so it makes me wonder how many of them are really able to adapt their newly learned habits to thier real lives when they go home for the long term. Lastly, I find it to be negative sometimes because the competitiveness between the contestants turns ugly especially when the stakes get higher. I think SP is way above all that, thank goodness! :-) Report

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