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Find Your Perfect Weight - Part 3

Only You Can Decide What's Good Enough


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This article helped keep my focus & purpose in perspective and not get carried away with a scale number. I am doing this for me to be a fit and healthy role model for my son. There is no saying how small I need to be. Just that I stay consistent with my healthy habits so they absorbed into my son's lifestyle too. By being active and finding fun ways of adding fitness for myself and family we are all improving. I am NOT focusing on a model's body, since I've never had one to start with. The idea is to be around to see my son grow into an adult and still be an active role model.
Thanks. Report
This article did not help me at all. Report
This article is awesome - I was concerned when I stoped losing pounds, although I continued to lose fat. It was sad to think that I would never get down to my goal weight. Now I know, I probably won't ever be my goal weight, because my goal weight is wrong! I am much happier about my fat loss now. Thanks :-) Report
When my son was three we were out walking and he saw an old man, very wrinkled and overweight but my son could not stop looking at this man. When I asked him what he was staring at and to stop staring (as I thought he was being rude - being 3 years old) He said to me in a very awed tone, "Isn't that man beautiful Mommy?" I looked at the man again and all of a sudden it was like the life that this man had lived and the laughter that went along with each and every wrinkle was revealed to me. He was indeed "beautiful". Report
I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to see an article discussing a "perfect weight" that doesn't just spit out some irrelevant number based solely on a BMI scale. That would work if we were all cookie cutter people. I am in the process of recovering from an eating disorder that was started by a simple and innocent diet and fed by the societal acceptance I received by every pound I lost. Thank you for discussing different body types and the emotional and mental side to dieting and choosing a "perfect weight". This is one of the few articles that I've seen that discusses these topics and I just wish that everyone could read this and learn the valuable lessons and the truth behind the study of body types, acceptance of them, and also the incredibly tough question of "what weight will make you happy?" Thank you, I will tell everyone woman I know to read this article. Report
Good article. Report
Somewhere along the way in life I lost control over me and listened to the brainwashings of society and those close to me. That word picture (pretend senario) jolted me awake! I am ready to get back to being ME! Thank you for walking me through the process. I feel equipped now to get off the treadmill of life and get back into my own skin and enjoy being me. Report
Fantastic article. MOTIVATING!

And loved the (ahhh very creative and mind-jogging!) the way you ended it, Coach Dean!

Thank you for yet another great article! Report
Good article. Report
Contrary to one of the statements in this article, there is a LOT of scientific evidence suggesting that people do indeed treat you very differently if you are obese. Report
Wow, this article really hit home for me. I started spark at 145 and my origianl goal was to lose ten pounds, then I changed it to fifteen(that whole ten percent thing). And the very last question Coach Dean asked was what really got me--I think I'm pretty happy with my current body weight. A few more pounds might be nice, but I feel good about myself and my body. Wow, I'll have to keep this article in mind as I go through my weight loss. Report
I don't know what my ideal weight is, and at this point I dont care to figure it out. My first goal is to get below 250, my second goal is to get out of plus size clothing and/or get below 200. When I hit a size 14/16 again then I can re-visit what my ideal size is. It's working so far, 13 lbs in 4 weeks and still going strong - and doing it right. Good food, lots of exercise and some strength training. Spark people rules.

I feel sad for those people who are below a size 8 and think they need to lose more. healthy to me doesn't mean stick thin. Report
I am still having issues deciding on my goal weight as I am told I am thin enough by friends and family but by charts and my doctor I still need to lose about 10 more pounds. I am going for the ten more pounds I think to see how it feels on my but if I can not realistically have a life being that thin then I will do what I need to do to be able to eat some goodies every now and then. It is hard to find that "perfect" weight" for you and I am hoping when I find it I will know it. Report
Great article, but I let my doctor determine my ideal weight. It is 5 pounds higher than I would have opted for, but I pay him for his advice and so far he has always been right. I lost 35 pounds and fel\el wonderful. Am the same weight as when I graduated from high school (56 years ago),walk 2 miles each day and do cardio 3 times a week. GO SparkPeople!!!!!!!! Report

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