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SparkPeople's New YOU Bootcamp Workouts

Get Fit with Our 7-Day Workout Program


Leave a Comment Return to Article the seven day exercise commitment as I am not very disciplined... Report
I find the little 10 minute exercise are well and good, but I'm unable to click onto the 30 minutes cardio portion of the boot camp. So I go to a 20 minutes "cardio sculpt" workout, which I really like, as it turns out. But why can't I click to the boot camp cardio? Report
I like these , more down to earth exercises! Report
I will start with this tomorrow on March first I like these type of challange. Report
I have done this New You Boot camp several times since it was first offered. Each time I do the 4 weeks I feel like I am totally back on track for fitness. This has helped me come back from numerous injuries. Thank you Coach Nicole and Spark People!!! Report
I've been making my way through the bootcamp programs. I finished January Jumpstart and Spring into Shape. I look forward to this one because it uses the stability ball. These bootcamps have really helped me consistently exercise at least 10 minutes every day. Report
Looks like the perfect thing to jump start me past this plateau I've hit. Report
Hello I'm so happy I started the 28 boot camp 2 days ago I m going to do it. This is the time for me. Report
these boot camps are a really great workout for when you only have a few minutes to workout!!! Report
Love the detailed reminders to keep form. Wish I had done this boot camp as my first boot camp since I've learned so much about posture and correct technique this time around. Report
well its monday morning and this workout won't load. what's going on? i did 5 of them last week and now i can't get anything to start. Report
I'm going to be following this starting on Sunday, and until then I'm going to do my cardio. Just had a great trip where I worked out every day and it inspired me to get back on track. Report
Coach Nicole, Was looking at the Boot Camp Video, What DVD should I buy to get these workouts? My monitor is small so I would like to see them on the big screen. Pls adv title to purchase. Thanks. Report
Are these new or are they the same? Report
Quick question-In following this program, do we need to do the strength training when it's scheduled? Or do we just follow the videos for each day? This takes the place of the strength training, right? Report

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