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What to Eat Before You Work Out

Eating Before Exercise for Maximum Results


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This is good info not just for what to eat before a workout, but for what to eat before doing any physical -- from housework to changing a tire. Report
Great article with lots of insights! Report
Great ideas. Report
Great article, very good information, need-to-know snacks. Report
Liked most of the suggestions. I usually walk after my bus run so will try eating before the run to see how affects how I feel afterwards. Interesting! Report
Hellpful information. Report
Awesome...thanks!! Report
Great article, Thanks! Report
Some great input and interesting ideas Report
Good information! Report
I don't eat anything special before a workout -- just a regular meal, if it happens to be time for one, and nothing at all if it ISN'T time for one. I don't want to undo all my hard work by consuming unnecessary calories. Report
Good information and so important to stay hydrated! Report
Very useful ideas thanks! Report
This is a challenge as I can only have 35-50 carbs/day. Hardboiled egg is good idea. Report
Useful ideas if you have the required food at home already. Report

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