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Go Green with Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips


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Thanks for sharing I am gong to check some of these items out. Report
Think I will stick with what I have! Report
Some worked great some not at all Report
Cleaning mixtures haven't worked for over 50 years, not as good as the real stuff, but every year someone drags the recipes out.... Report
It's getting to be that time of year again, but I'd rather be reading. Report
Hmmm..will have to try...good tips Report
interesting Report
Trying everyday.... Report
Interesting. Report
Vinegar and Lemon juice are both acids and I find they are interchangeable. Try it for coffee pots and removing deposits when cleaning a humidifier, especially the small ones that are used in bedrooms in winter. Pat in Maine. Report
I used to hang clothes outside, but can't because of allergies. I do have 3 clothes racks that I use for permanent press and delicate clothing.

I prefer to wipe down counters with a damp rag and dust with microfiber cloths, but I use paper towels when I'm preparing food. I can't see using an old cloth or dish towel to put raw meat or fish on to drain after it's been washed. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
They make microfiber clothes that you can use for your Swiffer mop head. You don't have to throw it out! Just stick anything on it that will fit, even old clothes or whatever. Report
Thanks for the new ideas Report

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