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The Truth About Green Tea

A Health Powerhouse or Mostly Hype?


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I like Organic green tea which has more antioxidants and help in weight loss.
What about Macha tea? Report
So what's the verdict on things like flavored teas? For example, I like...Simply Balanced Organic Berry Hibiscus Tea... Report
I love green tea. I drink it because I love the taste. Pure and simple. Report

I have started taking the supplement. I read that green tea extract increased the effectiveness of processes to increase collagen by 10 times over the light therapy process alone. I say this in response to the person who mentioned skin.

My friend took it to get rid of fibroids after the doctor said surgery was the only option and it worked.

Mine says decaffeinated and I am wondering if that changes the warning, other than the iron and folic acid. Report
Does Starbucks Iced green tea have the health benefits attrributed to green tea. or is this something else Report
I love green tea. Although this article says it's ok to drink while pregnant, I have read that you shouldn't due to the fact it depletes your folic acid, which can cause birth defects.

P.S. If you drink a lot of tea, check out They have some really great ones and their website lists the health benifits of all of them. I love their site. Report
I've been drinking Original wuyi for 2 days and I already see a noticeably improvement in my skin. My cystic acne spots have dried up and my face looks less red after just 2 days. I definitely recommend drinking green tea as I think cystic acne has more to do with diet than hormones, I no longer get whiteheads that used to plague me. I recently did a complete diet overall and have cut out dairy and caffeine completely. After 2 days I saw the improvements already. Report
My hubby loves green tea; I like mine black. Report
I've been told that it's best to use boiled water that has been given time to cool slightly. Freshly boiled water can burn the leaves and causes the tea to become bitter. This is very likely why I've never been a fan. I've been doing it wrong all these years. Should give it another go and use that jasmine green that i have sitting in the tea cupboard. Report
Love green tea! Used to drink it constantly, but have found that with my hyperthyroid, even the slightest bit of caffeine throws me way off track! It's really strange and makes me sad :( But I guess since green tea isn't as good for me as I though, oh well.... Report
Green tea is contraindicated with people who take blood thinners like Coumadin. Thought I would throw that out. Report
This is my favorite tea. Report
PS... for those that don't like the flavor, you can cook with it. Therapeutic levels (from Japanese use) are 10 cups a day! That's why I use the ground leaf form - in baked goods, even on meat if you don't like the flavor). But I do like the flavor. And I like even more having no JOINT pain (I've been in a car wreck and a horse wreck - no joint pain at all!) Report

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