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Homemade Beauty Recipes for Spring

8 Fresh Ideas for Healthier Skin and Hair!


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Thank you for the tips. Report
Your skin cannot absorb nutrition the same as eating the food. Report
Any time we have a rash, or when my children had chicken pox I would whirl oatmeal in the blender a minute and put in a handkerchief, tie up the ends and throw in a tub of water. Squeeze it over your irritation. For a exfoliating scrub I will take a handful of sugar or salt and a squeeze of body wash (or oil) and rub over all my dry areas while in the shower. Its cheap and works great. Report
Love these type of recipes! Save button is in a column on the left hand side of the article (at least it is as of the day I am writing this). However, I have to admit -- it is always an adventure to find the save buttons on SparkPeople. Report
Why cant i save this article? Where is the save button????? Report
I LOVE coconut oil, for my hair, my face, you name it. I've always had issues with being sensitive to anything too heavy or anything with perfumes or strong scents, and the coconut oil moisturizes and leaves my skin and hair feeling wonderful and no break outs. Report
What awesome ideas everyone. I can't wait to try some out! Report
I love making my own beauty products! There are several good books, as well as Internet sites, about natural beauty. It's fun and good for you! Report
Great article. Report
I like making my own body scrubs. The ones from the store are usually expensive and have too many chemicals for my sensitive skin. I mix up brown sugar, salt, and olive oil. This is just basic. You could do probably any kind of salt and/or sugar mixed with your favorite oil, and add in small or ground seeds, hair conditioner, honey, aloe, essential oils, mashed or pureed fruits, the list is endless. Experimenting is fun!! Report
i love homemade beauty recipes! i make a great homemade hair conditioner- mix olive oil, honey, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and avado in a bowl until blended together- spread on hair, put shower cap on- blast heat with blowdryer to let it penetrate for 5 minutes, let conditioner sit as long as u can (the longer the better but 10 mins is usually good), rinse off and experience soft shiny touchable hair :) Report

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