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3 Strategies to Prevent Relapse After Reaching Your Goal Weight

Winning the Mental Game


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As I read this article I thought, "This is well written." Then I looked at the author. Dean Anderson. His articles are always always worth reading and this one is no exception. I still have about 25 pounds to go before I have to struggle with maintenance but I hope I remember to reread this article. It's a gem Report
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Things we need to remember to avoid relapse Report
Wonderful tips! Report
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Thank you for the article. Report
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Keep weight off, stay on diet. Report
It's easy to lose weight; maintaining the weight loss is the challenge for most. Maintaining new lifestyle habits is THE key for success. Surround yourself with positive support and influence, too. You are most like the five people closest to you. Once the weight is gone, many people go back to the old habits and the weight follows. Report
Its hard to maintain weight loss. Yo Yo dieting is awful. Learning about nutrition is important, but following a realistic diet plan is key Report
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I lost 45 lbs in about six months and have maintained that weight loss for about five months now. When I started this journey to a lifestyle change I was committed to get my weight to a healthy level and maintain that weight within +/- 3%. I weigh myself daily and I still count my calories recording my results on a tracking app. I find it important to still maintain a calorie log to prevent calorie creep. I have found that for my age (65) I need to maintain an average of 1800 to 2000 daily calories to keep from gaining the weight back. I have noticed that if I exceed that count for too long I start to see a weight gain. So I cut back and see a restoration to my present weight, then maintain that calorie count for the long haul. In the beginning I started with an intensive weight loss diet program but once I lost the weight I changed to the mediterranean diet as my exit strategy for weight maintenance. My motivation for exercise is to walk my dog. He is still a puppy with a lot of energy and needs to be walked daily to keep him under control. I stretch daily and will be starting my strength training to help build muscle. I saw my doctor a few weeks ago for my annual check up and my health has improved overall. I no longer have metabolic syndrome and I feel so much better that I do not want to return to that obese fellow I was for so many years. Report
It's an addiction thing......... Report

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