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25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Don't Give Up on Your Goals!


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Thank you for this timely article. After reading tip 6 - I immediately went and tracked my food thus far for the day. Something I haven't been doing even though I *know* it makes a difference. Best of luck to all who are getting back on track! Report
With Graduation week, I let myself fall out of measuring my portions and exercising. I'm also trying to figure out how to do less chair and couch time. I'm up from bed and in my computer chair before the coffee is brewed. Then I take a break from the computer and jump on the TV - i.e. the couch. Both very bad habits. I need to take my 'computer break' by exercising if I'm going to be watching TV. Thank you for the motivation to get off my fat rump and get moving again! There are no excuses, just the ones I make for myself! Report
It's nice to know that others feel helpless like one does, but I'm motivated to start all over again after making various unsuccessful attempts in the past. The article is inspirational. Thanks Report
After a really good start here, I hit a patch where things went wrong around me and I lost focus. Needless to say the weight went back faster than I lost it! This week I determined to re-focus. This article will be a huge help.
There are lots of points that I can pick up in small steps.
Good luck to those also refreshing their motivation!!
Thanks Coach Nicole. Report
I was very bad these past few days and feeling very depressed because of it. Today I am back on track, thanks to this article. I hate myself when I give in to temptation! Lost a whole week but now it's time to catch up. Report
Working the plan - have already done a bunch of these as I recommit to my weight loss and fitness goals today. But reading this article again has given me some more good ideas! Yay Spark! Report
thank you this was exactly what I needed after a eating filled weekend :) Report
Love the article! Report
Lots of great points, but the one that hit home most was to exercise even if it's for 10 minutes. I often work late days, and I feel like I'm losing ground when I can't get a full workout in. Now I just break out the jump rope for 10-15 minutes and consider it a WIN. Report
I am so glad I read this article. It has motivated me to move. Report
I think this article is great and what i needed today! Report
Great article. I am motivated like never before as I am turning 40 this year. I want to be fit and healthy for these years of my life. A little motivation goes a long way. Report
I didn't feel that there was as much emphasis on forgiving one's failures its too easy to get hung up on failure rather than concentrating on LONG TERM goals. Report
This was a great article for me. I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person, so when I have a bad day, I really have a bad day...
But I have come to realize that even though I did eat out, or have that piece of cheesecake, its not as bad as I think it is, it never is. There are ways to compensate and refocus... rather than throwing in the towel and having another piece of cake. Report
Coach Nichole, I want you to know that this article is very much appreciated. I had been on a plateau prior to Dec. Did well on Thanksgiving but then we had a Birthday & Christmas when our Grandson flew in on the 8th of Dec. Just for 1 day. Then I joined so many others- eating out & for the first time, I lost my will power. I put 2 lbs on at a time that I wasn't allowed to exercise so now, Back in the pool tomorrow & I will work hard & hope to see a difference next week. My big downfall is Pumpkin Pie at anytime. Now to re-read those 25 steps & get myself back on track. Thank You. Report

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