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11 Dairy-Free Calcium Sources


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Probably one of the highest non-dairy sources of calcium is sesame seeds or tahini(ground sesame seeds) some say higher than milk,and this is often ignored; especially by those suppoirting the dairy industry! Report
Thank you,I suffer from eczema,and can't consume any dairy products.Your article was very helpful. Report
Thank you for this article. My son has a dairy allergy (as well as other food allergies) & it is challenging to meet his nutritional needs with foods he likes. I now have a few new ideas to use. Report
What this article doesn't tell you is that most of the vegetable sources of calcium are actually more easily absorbed by the body than cow's milk. Ever wonder why so many people have "lactose intolerance" or "milk allergy"? Are we meant to drink the milk of another species? I'm not so sure that we are. Report
Thank you for this information. Could you also please include Wheat and Gluten free information? I have Celiac and really need help in this area as I am newly diagnosed and want to lose weight. Report

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