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11 Dairy-Free Calcium Sources


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Great information Report
Great info! Report
Perfect timing on this--I don't do much dairy so this will really help. Report
Great article! Report
Thank you for this article. I drink almond milk and take a calcium supplement but it's nice to have some other choices for calcium. Very informative! Report
Canned pink salmon should top this list. Report
Straight up milk makes me gag. I honestly get nauseous after I drink it. I've been drinking almond milk and it has worked wonders. I can eat cereal with milk again and it tastes better than cow milk to me! Report
I spread coconut oil on a cookie sheet and put spinach and kale on it. I dry it in the oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes Report
Bring on the Kale and Collard greens. Ditch the soy! Bleh! that stuff is dangerous. Report
Wow! There are good foods on the list that I will have to add to my daily diet. Thanks!

Calcium: Recommended Dietary Allowance 1000mg

I can't see myself meeting all my calcium needs from the food on that list, unless I ate them all every single day. IMHO anything "fortified" is suspect- may as well take a supplement. I'm grateful I can tolerate dairy. Report
I hope the author of this article will check her numbers. Black eyed peas? 1/4 c. dry has 2%. I actually went out and bought a bag, because the canned ones said the same thing, and I figured that somehow the beans lost their nutritional value in the process of canning. Figs? I just bought some. 4 figs have 6%. How is that HIGH in calcium or calcium rich?? Report
I'm not lactose intolerant but I just don't eat much dairy. I track my nutrition so it's good to know that I can just increase some of the foods that I already eat to get more Ca++/ Report
I've always been lactose intolerant, so lots of this was familiar to me, but other things, like the kale, molasses, black-eyed peas were completely new to me. Now I need to figure out which I can add that won't cause gas (another problem I have). Thanks for the good article! Report
right now alot of areas feature farmers markets, a great place to look for blackstrap molasses and collard greens. Report
This is so good to know. I don't like milk. Report

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