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What to Eat This Spring

Enjoy the Season's Freshest Foods


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Our own garden is our Farmers Market Report
I shop @ farmers markets daily,when they are opened, not only do I get to buy local produce, & support local farmers, the $$$$ saved is amazing! Report
Great info. I will be checking out the farmer market. Report
Aloha hi there I live in a condo so no room for growing veggies but have farmers market close by today my daughter is going to stuff some peppers with some turkey meat . Sounds so good. Aloha janet Report
i dont know about everyone else, but here in appalachia, we refer to morels or wild mushrooms, as dry land fish and they are just as tasty and are a delicacy as they only bloom in spring and they are harder to come by now that so many people know of them. Report
Great information and I thanks so much for the link. Definitely considering joining a CSA, and did not realize there were so many in my area. Report
Don't forget jerusalem artichokes! Tho they should really have been harvested earlier. Having picked some artichoke tops, my sister checked them out on the internet to make sure we wouldn't poison ourselves if I put them in the salad. It turns out that they are full of protein and other goodies. So I shall continue to pick them for salad. Albanians only eat them raw. I want to introduce them to them baked or roasted.
We're enjoying some excellent strawberries from just over the border in Greece, baby spinach, swiss chard in the garden has just become big enough to be worth eating, carrots, courgettes etc from the market/greengrocer's stall. I love the summer ffruits and vegs in Albania, specially when my courgettes (zucchini) start producing in July. I've planted wild fennel, dug out of the ditch. No bulb, but juicy stems and tasty leaves. My ancient dill seeds have decided to come up, ditto ancient rocket. Instead of throwing old seeds into the dustbin, I've thrown them into the ground, which has produced some pleasant surprises. Report
Nice article....but I sure don't know WHERE apricots are a "spring fruit"!! But then, I live in the Northwest..... maybe in the far south they bloom mid-winter...and set fruit by end of spring???

Oh, and artichokes do NOT need to be boiled for an hour if you own a microwave and only want to cook one! I do mine for 10 min and let sit for 10 min. Pull open the leaves before you cook them, and fill with water. Place upright in a covered glass container or plastic bag, preferably with the heart up a few inches ---I use a quart pyrex measuring cup, and the big ones don't slide down.... Cook on high, let sit, turn over to drain and enjoy!! Report
Pretty cool! I clicked the link ( and right away I saw a link to Pleasant Valley Farm in Tionesta, PA. My friend Emily is the owner of the farm, but I never knew she had a blog about it. A great reminder to buy local fresh foods! Report
One of the bestest things I did this year was get a CSA box delivered (Community Supported Agriculture) -- a local farm delivers a box of fresh fruits and veggies once a month; it's really encouraged me to try new things (Kale! Fennel! Bok Choy!) which has been a treat for my palate. Plus I feel good knowing I'm supporting local farmers. From the farmer's markets near us I get my bread and eggs as well as any additional produce I don't get in my CSA box. I really really try to just not use anything out of season any more. Better for the environment and more affordable too! Report
I am working on my garden so I will have most of my fresh vegetables and herbs at my fingertips. Of course the Farmers Market is great for those things that you do not grow in your garden. Nothing beats fresh. Report
The only time I care about what's "in" is PRODUCE SEASON! (And boy, do I CARE!). I've been looking for a list like this; thank you!! Report
This is a wonderfully, timely article for me. It coincided my recent efforts to become healthier and my reading Barbara Kingsolvers's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle : a Year of Food Life, which is inspiring me to eat with more deliberation. Upon reading the article, I went to a directory of CSAs that is searchable by zip code. Thanks for nudging me in the right direction. Report
Great ideas! I'm waiting for my local Farmer's Market to open, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they offer. I've also tried to grow herbs indoors hydoponically, but with limited success. I haven't given up, though. Report
We own a farmers market. It is Larson's Melon Market which is open from Aug till the end of October. We raise about 50 acres of watermelons, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, and cantalope. We also buy local honey, popcorn, onions, and apples to sell at our market. We have a very large amount of people waiting for our market to open as they too love the fresh fruit and vegtables. If you are watching your grocery budget most of the time the produce at the Farmers Markets are less expensive also. I liked your article very much! Report

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