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Improve Your Mood Without Food

Beat Stress, Boredom, and More with These Tips


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Good article, we so often take things out on food and it ultimately hits our waistline. Report
I'm 56 yrs. old & I've tried learning how to skate at least on 3 different occasions without any luck. I love dancing but my husband is a homebody & hates dancing. Going out walking in my neighborhood is out of the question. Too many loose dogs. In fact my husband almost got bit by one today while mowing the lawn. He called the cops to report it. Said he's tired of trying to go for a spin on his motorcycle & having to fight off a bunch of dogs chasing after him every time. I live in a small town in deep south Tx. that has no sidewalks or even a walking trail. What do I do for exercise? I'll get up around 4:20 & try to make it to the elementary school track by 4:45. Walk/jog for about an hr or more & try to leve before 6 a.m. when the school busses start arriving. It's a hassle though cuz sometimes the school locks the gate to the entrance! Report
Sometimes I get bored, or angry, or whatever, and the only way out is to stop thinking by doing something that doesn't involve thinking, that doesn't even allow thinking. Usually that's munching food. But one time I picked up a pair of 5 pound dumbbells and did some random moves with them. That had the same effect. I should do that more often. Report
Playing drums is an excellent stress reliever. You get to hit things, make a loud noise, and you can play along with your favorite music if you want to. And there are people who get together to play in some areas. Either hand drums, or a kit. Report
As great as it would be to leave my desk and take a 10 minute walk, or a vigorous workout, that's just not feasible. I eat emotionally at work when I'm too busy to think, and just grab something. If I had the time and luxury to go walking when I felt overwhelmed, I think I'd be quite skinny by now! Report
Excellent article! Turning to food should be the last resort! Report
"...your mind can only think one thought at a time..." ???

My mind DOES think about more than one thing at a time. Report
All the tips are absolutely excellent, and they all work. My personal favorite is the "smile when you don't feel like it". Try it. You will instantly feel better. It's weird. It's wonderful.

Spark On! Report
I just posted a blog entry:


The entry sums up how I've been implementing many of these suggestions through my practice of yoga. The one significant difference is that yoga links not just body and mind, but body, mind, and spirit in supporting the development of healthier behaviors. Report
I usually like to read the "Comments" from others, and it seemed like almost every one that I read stated, this was a good article, "but" ! It is ashame how many of us have already given up and are still making excuses! If you truly want to help yourself, stop making excuses. I too am overweight, but the only persons fault it is, is my own. THE ONLY PROMISES THAT MATTER ARE THE ONES MADE TO YOURSELF:) If you need help, ask for it, even if from a Doctor or a friend or a therapist. You can fix yourself, you just need the COURAGE to do it!
What do you do when you're bored at work? It's not like I can start a hobby or keep going on 10-minutes walks. Instead, I reach for my cup of coffee (with cream) or a healthy snack. But whether it's healthy or not, I'm usually not eating out of hunger, but boredom while I'm chained my desk. Report
But what if you just plain love to eat? No mindless eating here, I just enjoy it! A little too much, I guess! Report
I find i eat mainly from boredom and loneliness. Its kind of hard to resolve that issue since i have social anxiety and im somewhat hesitant when it comes to talking to people. I would like to have more friends, but its just not in my personality. My husband also works 10 hrs a day, so that just makes things even more difficult. But most of these suggestions arent really new to me and i will definitely start gardening more. Report
Actually most people who are "depressed" are probably a bit blue rather than depressed; when one is depressed is when you can't get out of bed or the house for a number of days. I find going for a walk only helps fuel my anger and sometimes I do need to break out the junk food, even if it gets me happy for a for a few moments; its better than being continually down in the dumps. Report
Good article.. I sing "Walking in the Sunshine " by Roger Miller when I notice I am on a downward slide with depression. Report

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