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Use Measurements Besides the Scale

What's So Motivating About Numbers Anyway?


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There are many measurements besides weight. Thanks for reminding us. Report
Thanks for sharing good info! Report
Useful information. Report
Good information! Report
Good info thanx! Report
Good article with great reminders that the scale is not the only way to measure your success. Report
Very useful information. Report
Very useful information. Report
Good article. Report
Good article Report
On this weight program I've been measuring myself and was amazed how my body seemed to be shifting around (a shape shifter) what a difference it made in my mental attitude. Report
This method really does work, and doesnt stress yourself out as much as weighing does, but I do both as much as possible,...since my activity level as skyrocketed since i lost 143 pound's, and still losing. Report
Really liked this idea, thinking as if weight didn't matter. I may make a weightless weekend once a month, to see if it changes how I feel, it's a welcome shift of thinking. Report
Thank you for the excellent reminder, I have been on a 'scale fast' for the last two months while still working out and eating right---and I have never been better. Report
I'm not losing weight but have gone down a size clothes wise and people are commenting on how i look Report

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