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Reference Guide to Cooling Down

An In-Depth Look at the Cool Down


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Great info! Thanks! Report
Thanks Report
thanks. Report
This is very important to your well being. Report
Great facts we should all follow. I had read the articles on blood pooling so I have tried to have cool down time. Report
Good articles and some great ideas. Report
Cooling down is a vital part of an exercise program to which little more than lip service is generally paid. Report
Great article the value of cooling down is often lost

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“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”
~ Walt Disney
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Great article. Thanks. Report
I sure had both stretching and cooling down wrong. Thanks for this article. It helps alot. Report
Do I have to coll down for more time after a winter workout? I like the warm toasty feeling just after a workout, and I cool down a bit, but I don't like to come all the way down to the normal icy body temp of pre-workout. :( Report
great time to acknowledge what you have just done Report
Great article and information! Report
I enjoy my cool downs after intense exercise - it helps me reflect on what I just accomplished. Report

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