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Reference Guide to Warming Up

An In-Depth Look at the Warm Up


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I always began my warm ups by marching in place. Report
I LOVE Spark articles! Report
Great info, thanks! I always warm up, but it turns out I've not been warming up long enough. Report
Appreciate this information so I can make my warm up safe and effective. Report
Great instructions. Thank you so much! Clarified some of the myths I had used for many years.! :) Report
Thanks for the great article. The info was great. I was always told to stretch before exercising. Report
wow!! I thought stretching was warming up. Glad I looked into it. And thanks for the very helpful info. Report
Huh. The more you know. ^^; I thought I knew exactly what warming up should involve but turns out I wasn't quite right! Happy to learn this though, because maybe if I start doing it correctly I will see some improvements! (Will report back in a week to let you all know.) Report
i thought stretching is part of a warmup... i was wrong...
Yes, this is helpful, I always stretched, then ran. This explains why I couln't get a good rununtil my body warmed up during my run, but I would get tired early and hurt later! I jump rope 10 minutes then run, strength train, cool and stretch, and it felt much better! Great article! Report
GETINLINE - Right On! I love dancing as my favorite exercise. Report
My pup stretches just as she's getting out of her dog bed. So I think stretching and a few breaths would be good as a warm-up. Report
THis article is very illustrative, but I would like to know to learn a couple of warm-up routines and I can't find any, at least on this site. Report
This is a very interesting article. I always thought that you should stretch before doing any type of exercise and that stretching was the same as warming up. Report
Talk about going backwards!!! Thankx for this article.
I was stretching BEFORE warm up.

Sooo I guess dancing then walking instead of walking then dancing.
Dancing then housework..I will try this. Report

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