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3 Weight Loss Tips for Men

Weight Loss & Fitness FAQ's from Regular Guys


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Absolutely great Report
Thanks for the great tips! Report
This article generally has very good info. However two (related) things specifically stand out as questionable. Understand that we (on this board) are FAT or we wouldn't be here. Because we are FAT, we almost certainly have a carbohydrate intolerance, and an insulin intolerance. Given that, the advice for FAT people trying to exercise is different from the advice for LEAN people trying to exercise. The advice of this article is a one size fits all and is more aimed towards the lean people, i.e. not us!

1) Fasting exercise - It has been demonstrated that ketones are a superior source of energy, in general but also during exercise. Fasting, when it promotes ketone production, can provide all the fuel necessary to perform your exercise. Endurance athletes are now using ketones, both exogenous and from body fat, to help them be superior athletes. and in fact are exercising "in a fasted state". WARNING!!! this implies that your body is "FAT ADAPTED". Look it up and get there.

2) Ketones, CAN BE, though not necessarily are, a superior fuel source for exercise as well as after exercise. Carbs are great and almost required for sprint exercises, but they run out quickly. The old "carb load" stuff is fine as far as it goes, but it doesn't go very far because the storage is so limited. But after the exercise, eating a ton of carbs isn't a grand idea either (for us FAT folks). Small amounts of proteins, small amounts of carbs and high amounts of healthy fats will get you further. Report
Wonderful info Report
GOOD info. Report
My husband thanks you for this article! Report
Looks like another comments section has been hijacked by attempts to sell us supplements etc. Don't Sparkpeople ever monitor and ban these trolls? Report
Thanks for the article. We need more articles for men.Maybe more about gaining muscle as well as losing weight. And I could sure use some help getting rid of this stomach! I'm talking with a doctor in Tennessee.
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I have analysis your post. Nice material you done here. This information is useful to for all. Report
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Thanks for these 3 tips for losing weight for men, I liked them most...

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Great information
t/ Report
Good article! Report

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