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Arm Yourself Against Exercise Excuses

Winning the Fight Against Yourself


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This article was great!!! I struggle with this same fight everyday, so it was amazing to see that I am not alone. This was truly encouraging... Report
You said it all! Confessions of a personal trainer. I've always thought of personal trainers as over achievers--never tiring--always up for a challenge. Thank you for showing your humanness. You've given me even more motivation to stick with it. Spark People is the best website anywhere! Report
I realize this article has been out there for awhile, but I just came upon it. I too love it! It is not about how much sleep you're getting (or not), or what time you start your workout, or about legitimate REASONS for not working out. It is about the battle many of us have with ourselves, and the commitment it takes to follow through with our decision to take care of our bodies. Our excuses can sound like very good reasons, and you are correct in saying that we can justify and talk ourselves out of anything if we listen to ourselves long enough. It can be difficult to be honest with ourselves. In the end, we have to live with the decisions that we made on a daily basis. Report
to be honest I skimmed the article but here I am in the throes of a cold doing cardio and planning to lift weights as I find it DOES help. Report
I loved this article. It is so true and I let the voices win. Well starting today that is over. Im going to JUST DO IT!

Thanks much. Report
Thanks for this! It gave me the motivation I needed to run last night. Report
I can't thank you enough for this article. I really needed to hear it. Like you, I have to be up at 4:45 to get in a workout before work. Unlike you, I have been losing this fight lately. Thanks for reminding me of all the reasons I don't want to lose it! I remember how much better I felt when I DID routinely get up at this absolutely absurd hour and hit the gym. And yes, a grown woman feels a little silly going to bed with the toddlers. But honestly, what do I miss out on? A couple of hours of mind-numbing television? No, thanks! Report
I'm with those who wonder what time you go to bed. I am 58 and in considerable pain. I do exercise pretty much daily, but the length of time depends on how my body is, and what obligations I have any given day. I will not sacrifice sleep for a compulsive workout. I never did like Nike's motto, because it is unrealistic. It is up to individuals to identify which of their reasons are rationalizations and which are valid. If Just Do It works for you, bravo. It doesn't work for everybody. It is good to see a range of opinions on SP. Report
Up at 4:45 every morning... KILL ME NOW... this is exactly the sort of argument for running or exercising that turns me off and shuts me down. If I have to sacrifice sleep to exercise, then sleep will always win out.

Thank goodness, this is not written in stone and people can exercise at whatever time suits them. I try to get in a short 15 minute walk at lunch and then 1 hour at night after dinner... much more civilized if you ask me.
Getting up at 4:45 is fine if you are going to sleep at 8:30 every night. I would guess that would cause you to lose quality time with your spouse/family. Lack of sleep is just as serious to your health, if not more so, that lack of exercise. I am just saying... Report
WOW!! This should be required reading for everyone in SP! It has excellent and timely for me! Report
I love this article! Thanks to the author for sharing with us. Report
I think you are nuts. Getting up at 4:45 to run five miles is nuts. What time did you go to bed? How much sleep did you get? If you are cheating yourself of sleep ( and your body is telling you that you are) how is that healthy? Are you saying that you were in bed by 8:30 pm? Your body needs eight hours of sleep to repair itself. You are not taking care of yourself by pushing yourself this hard. Report
Thank you for the great article. The one thing that I dislike most when I loose the fight is the knowledge that I lost to myself---something is just so wrong about that :) I did however think I was the only one in the world that lost those fights---I am glad to see I am not. Report
I would like to take this poll, but none of the situations apply to me. My excuse for not exercising? "I've got a migraine! How can I want to exercise when I can't even brush my hair!?" Report

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