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Find a Fitness Buddy

How to Find a Goal Buddy on SparkPeople


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I clicked the "Community" tab and found no such thing as a "Buddy Finder". Is this article outdated? Report
My walking buddy had 4 paws but passes away a couple of months ago. We will be getting another dog after we heal from our loss Report
I have about 90lbs to lose. Looking for someone to share accountability and share struggles and successes with.
If you're interested let me know! Report
I live in Richmond Hill NY and work in Manhattan, I looking a walking or a work out partner.
I love to walk in the city, just drop me a line if any one is interested!
Hi, I'm in Shreveport, Louisiana and looking for a walking buddy. Maybe even some stretches. I'm female in mid 50's and have about 50 pounds to lose. I am located conveniently to two walking tracks. Report
I live near Pasadena CA (just outside Los Angeles). I would especially like a walking buddy for morning walks. I haven't found one. Most of my connections seem to peter out quickly as have my couple of SP buddies on line.

Looking for someone probably retired who really wants to do this - not just pay lip servcie to the idea. Report
Naples Florida friend and fitness buddy just starting out ....long road ahead Report
Looking for an exercise buddy, I'm 50 and live in Brandon, FL. I work full time. Report
I'm looking for a female work out buddy who understands my schedule...graveyard swing and day shift. I also have 3 teenagers and three dogs....I live in the spokane Wa area...and need to lose 30 to 50 pounds Report
i live in redland FL 33031. Looking for a work out buddy. Want to lose weight. Report
Looking for a w/o buddy in Arlington Heights, IL Report
need exercise buddy. anyone in mechanicsville, va. ??
I haven't been able to find an in person buddy, but I do like the online support on sparkpeople. Report
hi i live in indianapolis and i was looking for a work out buddy. if you re in te area please contact me thank you Report
I workout sometimes with my hubby. I don't like when peoples keep talking all the time. Even though it make the time go by. Report

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