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7 Myths and Facts about Chocolate


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I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. A little goes a long way. It is a trigger food for me, but only in its absence. If I try to not eat any, I set myself up for a binge. Report
Thank you for sharing
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Yay for chocolate!! It’s so nice to know that it’s good for me! Report
I've found a little real, rich, undiluted chocolate (such as diluting it with soured milk, too much added sugars, and other such American traditions) eaten with a scone with dried fruit in it or along side, with a cup of coffee or tea, is just a really grand way to start the day. If I finish the day instead with this, I go for herbal tea.

I'm glad you pointed out myths that I had heard and was taught during my life. Report
I eat a small dark chocolate bar every day. 150 calories, 7 g sugar. It hits the spot for me. Report
I love chocolate, but unfortunately for me, eating a small piece will NOT prevent binges -- it's a trigger (along with ice cream or really anything that contains sugar.) Hard as it is, I have to "just say NO." Report
Good article. Report
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Very interested article, I have learnt alot from it.. Report
Great article! Report
Very interesting article. I learned a lot. Report
I really enjoy reading this article. Thank you Report
Great article. Report

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