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Got to have a SPARK PAGE to track your points. When you do a search for yourself and get the message that member doesn't exist, it is because you don't have a SPARK PAGE. Many people join but don't create a page. Report
I could not access the page to redeem the points....I have tried several times and still nothing. Report
It's as the previous person said- you can't use them if you don't first create a Spark Page. Report
Can't redeem points!!!

We couldn't find that user. (0x100)

Please press the back button on your browser to re-enter the information. Or click here to go back.

So is this some kind of scam since everyone is getting this error?! Report
I was able to retrieve my 500 sparkgoodies and also give myself a sparkgoodie. I had no problem but it could be because I DO HAVE a spark page. I've never had any problem collecting any of my points in the past. Good luck in the future. Report
I think the reason that we can't retrieve our SparkGoodie Points is that we don't have a "My Spark Page". I don't have one either so figure that may be the reason. I guess we should build one & find out................................... Report
That is "exist" Report
Same problem as so many others, "won" 500 goodiepoints and can not get to spot to use them because I do not exit. Ha... Report
Just won 500 points, can't redeem them for goodies,," i don't exist'' o well Report
Just won 500 points, can't redeem them for goodies,," i don't exist'' o well Report
It is a disappoinment you cannot get the goodies. I get the same as the rest of the people. The directions are misleading. They take you nowhere. Report
I can't figure this out either. It keeps saying "we couldn't find that user". ??? Report
I think that this website is wonderful & I am so appreciative that there are people putting time into helping other people reach life-changing goals. It is so thoughtful & considerate that the SparkPeople Team has come up with ways to motivate those of us who need the motivation. SP Team, please don't listen to the negative feedback here. Some people can never be pleased and their negativity will ultimately only hinder themselves.

Thank you for your help! Report
I, too, am new to SparkPeople and can't figure this out either....not a big deal though. The rest of the site seems really easy to follow Report
I am just a few days new to this, but I also missed 50 points which I was suppose to have won by spinning some wheel. It flashed that I won the points, but they did not get added in with the other points. Couldn't waste time trying to find them and I wasn't getting any cardio in by sitting at the laptop.

No big deal as far as I am concerned, b/c there is so much great info. on this FREE site!!! Report

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