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15 Ways to to Start Eating Healthier Today


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Sensible ideas to put into practice! I do most of them, slipped while on an extended visit with family. I need to get back on track! Report
Take a look at the DASH diet. The diet is highly recommended and does not require special foods. I tried other diets and found
the DASH worked for
me. The primary reason I started it (beyond the need to lose weight) was that I was pre-diabetic (burning feet). After a few weeks my feet stopped burning and in total I lost 60 pounds. Something to consider: Report
Good info Report
Great works are performed not by strength,
but by perseverance.
- Samuel Johnson Report
Information is still in effect today. and just as hard to follow Report
Great information! Report
Great advice! Thank you! Report
Wow article from 10 years ago, promoting low fat as usual. Good advice is not to eat sugar. Thanks SP Report
I find this much easier in the summer when all the farmers markets are in bloom and veggies/fruits are so easy to get that are non-contaminated with chemicals. Report
I actually went from drinking skim milk to drinking 1% because the small amount of fat extra and the minimal extra calories help me feel more satiated. I'd rather eat less of real food than more fake food. fat free isn't healthier it has sugar and stabilizers to make it a better consistency. Report
Very useful information. Report
Great advice! Report
I learned to love whole grain bread, now to make sure it is low in sugar! Report
This is a great meal. Report

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