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Fresh is always better! Report
good info Report
Making your own "processed" foods eliminates the bad stuff and allows you to put in high quality ingredients. Report
My doc told me to get more calcium from foods- osteopenia which is predecessor to osteoporosis, which is in my family. I've been bemoaning the fact that I "eat too much cheese", which has fat. But now I see if in moderation and follows my nutrition plan, cheese is actually a good thing to eat, not avoid. I also drink at least 1.5 cups of nonfat milk daily. I'm getting back to eating more salads with dark green veggies. Report
I've started passing up those prepared foods -- mainly snacks, and concentrate on whole grains and fresh produce. Report
Good article Report
good information, thanks for providing information to help us get healthy and chang some old habits. Report
Some really good information. Report
Thank you Report
Great information! Report
I’m not familiar with Keifer, the liquid yogurt. Report
Good information! Report
This is great information to read and reread. Helps you keep on track. Thanks. Report
Good info. Report

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