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How to Tell if a Dog is Seizuring
By Eleanor Jewell,eHowContributingWriter

Epilepsy in canines is a recurring condition that can leave a pet owner concerned and worried. The seizures that present themselves during an epileptic episode can be especially unnerving.

Knowing how to recognize the signs of an oncoming seizure, will better prepare you to handle the seizure itself. Most seizures last for about a minute and a half, and during that time making sure your pet is in a safe area, without the possibility of being injured is most important.

The causes of a seizure vary, as do preventative medications. No matter how well your dog is cared for, or medically treated, a seizure can still occur. The following steps will show you what to look for at a seizure's onset, and what to do during the episode.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:

* A trusted veterinarian
* Ability to detect differences in your dog's behavior

Step 1

Take notice of your dog's mannerisms. He may show signs such as staring or twitching at the onset of a seizure. He may also defecate or urinate during this time.
Step 2

Look for unusual physical symptoms, such as falling sideways or laying on his side while making paddling motions with his legs. Whining and shaking, along with restlessness are also symptoms of impending seizure.
Step 3

Prepare the area if you suspect that any of these symptoms are leading up to a seizure. Remove furniture from the immediate area, or anything that is sharp or can cause injury.
Step 4

Do not panic when you become aware of a seizure coming on. Your dog needs you to remain calm and keep him safe during his seizure. Comfort your pet during this time by speaking softly to him.

Tips & Warnings

It is important to have a trusted veterinarian that you can seek advice for proper care and management of your dog's seizures.
Always medicate your dog as recommended by your veterinarian for proper management of seizures.
If you suspect that your dog has seizures, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to begin a care program.
It is important to keep children away from any pet that is having a seizure. Unexpected biting can occur.
Keep your hands away from your dog's mouth during a seizure to minimize the potential for a bite.

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