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5/1/12 2:26 P

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I too have problems with medications. I have trouble sleeping but my problem is that I can't stay awake at times. I too have run the course of medications from sleeping pills (which took me three months to kick and be able to go to sleep at night without them) to stimulants. Some seem to help for a while but then boom I'm back to not sleeping well but also not staying alert. I did do two full sleep studies and accept to confirm to the doctors that I did have a sleep problem. I fell asleep every two hours during the day part of the study plus one time when I should have been awake. I can fall asleep talking to you or typing on my computer. It is very frustrating when you have a problem and it isn't helped with medication.

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3/28/12 8:24 P

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One "Simply Sleep" before bed works like a charm. Inexpensive and over-the counter; available anywhere and made by the Tylenol folks.

Otherwise, its somewhat of a Russian Roulette experience for me.

Falling asleep is never much of a problem. Staying asleep is a different issue, made worse by all the Sparky water I am renting. Once I'm up for a potty run, not uncommonly my brain is warping out of orbit tackling the challenges of the forthcoming day...

I'm checking the GNC product...

"Some day we will look back on this, and it will all seem funny" - Bruce Springsteen (The real BOSS, as opposed to me.)

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3/11/12 6:10 P

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I exercise each day and read just before sleep.

I am reading the happiness diet. I began to eat less and no processed foods the last couple weeks. I feel good and sleep great. It is interesting and links all illnesses today to the additives in processed foods and what the meat is eating....
Our bodies were not evolving as fast as the food changed the last two hundred years.

I used to be paranoid about sleep. I LET GO of the everything must be just so or, "I will not be able to sleep."

"The body as physical form is an incredible misperception of your true nature." Tolle
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2/29/12 7:36 A

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I am not taking any medications but I can relate to not being able to fall asleep. That is my problem too, and a lot of the medications tell you it for helping you to stay asleep once you fall asleep. To get myself sleepy I usually exercise or read a book to get myself really sleepy and then as soon as I feel my eyes getting really heavy I get into bed. I don't get into bed until I'm at that point because it won't work. Make sure you have done everything you need to do and you are able to go straight to bed when you feel you are at your most sleepy and tired point. This works for me most times when I have problems getting to sleep.

2/24/12 9:57 P

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I use Trazadone 50 mg's to 100mg. It works for me, and isn't addictive at that low of doses. I wish you find something that works.

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2/18/12 10:42 P

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I have tried all meds including ghb for sleep ( which is very dangerous btw) and what has worked for me in the long haul is ambien taken right when I get in bed and not a minute before. It does not make you feel sleepy but does the trick for me unless I have to get up. emoticon

2/9/12 5:20 P

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I haven't read the other posts today but have you tried Valarian Root? It is OTC and as much as I have trouble sleeping, it seems to be helping me.
Good luck, my sleepless friend. :)

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2/6/12 6:30 P

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I guess I haven't been too clear. Melatonin really has no impact on my sleep. Although Xyrem worked well, it is the strongest sedative hypnotic available, and the US tightly regulates it since it is the legal form of GHB. The downside to using it is that you are beyond waking after taking it, no amount of noise or physical force will wake you for 2-4 hours. That is why is is not great to take if you have kids, live alone, etc. It is really a safety issue. Think beyond blackout.

It works wonderfully well, but the downside is real.

I am looking to find out if any one else has stopped taking this type of medication and gone on to be able to fall asleep and how they did it. I am looking into University of Chicago's sleep program. I guess I may have to just give in and do the full sleep study.

Has anyone found that to help? My doctor thinks I may have a a ghrelin disorder. It would explain my sleep paralysis a little...


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2/6/12 2:50 P

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I know what you mean about falling asleep. I usually use melatonin. I also just read an article about reading a glass of tart cherry juice about an hour before going to bed. They say there is melatonin in the cherry juice. Might give it a try. Good luck.

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2/5/12 11:52 P

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I use Super Snooze. It's an herbal dietary supplement that contains melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, skullcap and passin flower. It works in harmony with your natural sleep cycle. It isn't addictive either. You can take 1-3 capsules at a time right before you got to bed, not 30 mins before. When I use them not only do they help me get to sleep, they also help me STAY asleep and don't make me groggy the next morning like other sleep medicinces. You can get Super Snooze at Vitamin World or GNC for like $15 for 100 capsules.

So maybe you can try that. I've tried rozerem and a few otheres and those don't seem to work for me either. Super Snooze has worked like a charm for me. emoticon

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2/2/12 11:46 P

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When people say they have tried everything, they usually don't mean everything...unfortunately I am at the end of my rope here. After years of going from one medication to another, I ended up on Xyrem. Although it worked wonderfully, I found that it made so my aspects of life impossible. I was able to get off of it and took clonodine periodically for a while. Since it is just a blood pressure medication, I found it to work rather well as long as I took a day off every few days to avoid rebound hypertension (headaches). I was sitting pretty until I fell down the stairs last fall and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

During my hospital stay, my blood pressure was much too low so clonodine is no longer an option. I take amitriptyline, 50mg. for fibro and head injury related pain as well as topamax (headaches/brain injury). Both are said to be sedating, but are not really.

I sleep fine once I fall asleep, but it is the falling asleep I cannot seem to do. I also seem to experience a lot of sleep paralysis when I do sleep. Any suggestions?

BTW I have taken ambien, lunesta, rozerem, xanax, and valium in earlier years but none helped for more than a few weeks. At one point my doc tried seroquil, but when men twice my size got sleepy taking half of what I was my doc gave up on that one.

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