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11/4/13 11:03 P

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I really like this page. My first couple goals are:

1. Eliminate soda from my diet - 64 oz. of water
2. Exercise 10 minutes a day
3. Eat at least 3 healthy meals a day (I tend to skip meals)
4. Track, track, track!!!!!


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~Dr. Seuss

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10/30/13 5:48 A

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1. Drink 64 oz of water every day.
2. Limit myself to one 8-oz glass of soda a day.
3. Exercise at least 10 minutes a day.
4. Read at least 30 minutes a day.
5. Post on Spark People every day.
6. Eat at least 1 freggie a day.
7. Sleep at least 7 hours a night.
8. Weigh in once a week.
9. Make meal plan once a month.
10. Shop for groceries once a week.
11. Clip coupons once a week.
12. Check coupon emails daily.
13. Organize coupon book once a month.
14. Put 10% of paycheck into savings every week.
15. Clean room once a week.
16. Start paying off loans a little at a time.

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"Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!"

Reward system:
10 pounds lost - New music CD (met 6/11/2014)
20 pounds lost - New Kindle book
30 pounds lost - New physical book
40 pounds lost - New workout clothes
50 pounds lost - Color my hair red
60 pounds lost - Home spa day
70 pounds lost - Date night with my honey
80 pounds lost - Girls night
90 pounds lost - Take a belly dancing class
100 pounds lost - Whole new wardrobe!

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10/16/13 6:29 A

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I've decided to start my list. This the start of my list of goals to accomplish over the next year. Some are weigh related and some aren't.

1) To drink water everyday. emoticon
2) To exercise everyday emoticon
3) To finish my Bible studies
4) To run a 5k race emoticon
5) To eat 99% raw food only
6) To become more fluent in Portuguese.
7) To lose 115+ pounds.
8) To wear the wedding dress I picked out and look beautiful. emoticon
9) To put at least $1000 into savings
10) Improve my credit.
11) Move

This is the start of my list. As I accomplish my goals, I'll keep everyone posted. I'll also add to my list of goals.

Jeremiah 29:11 ~~ "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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9/29/13 5:10 A

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I love this page...all the mini-goals are just great. I'll be sure to come up with my own list and post it. Perhaps a "100 goals to do in year" would be a great idea.

Jeremiah 29:11 ~~ "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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6/4/13 5:48 P

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Great idea...I'll start with a few and come back when I think of more...
Starting June 4th:
My reward for completing each is to give myself a sparkgoodie...

1.Get 12-15 glasses of water in a day for the next week X X X X 5 6 7
2.Try to Geocache at least once a week for the month of June X 2 3 4

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299--Small Goal--

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5/23/13 12:46 P

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I love the idea of this page.... very motivational. Great mini goals you all have.

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5/22/13 9:49 A

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A few goals:
1. find alternative exercises that I can do outside
2. instead of getting mad at rude people (such as those who cut me off in traffic or run into me with their shopping cart at the grocery store) try to put myself in their place an imagine WHY they might have done whatever it was.
3. water, water, water, and more water.
4. remind myself every day as much as possible that I have many blessings in my life.
5. get a new couch that doesn't hurt my back or leave rust stains on my floor.
6. choose healthy dinners for the rest of the week and this weekend and shop for ingredients.
7. practice random acts of kindness

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4/19/13 4:14 P

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What a great idea, I'm at work, so I'll be back with my list

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3/16/13 12:18 A

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At first when I saw the topic I was like, "What? 100 mini goals, isn't each pound a mini goal?" But looking and thinking it!

1. Drink 6 glasses of water a day for a week
2. Bump up that 6 to 8 glasses of water a day for the rest of my 100+ pounds and life
3. Eat 3 freggies a day for a week
4. Now try 4 freggies
5. Now try for 6 freggies.
6. Try to add 1 more day of Zumba a week for 5!
7. Clean my bedroom! (Hoarders live in there I think!)
8. Date with my love in April! (haven't been on a date with him since Nov 2011).
9. New hair color, something fun! (my hair has been the same since I was 14, I'm now 35).
10. Lay new bathroom tile (been sitting there waiting for 7 years!)

Goals and Rewards:
10 lbs = Zumba bracelet 3/18/13 Woohoo!
15 lbs = New workout shirt
20 lbs = New workout pants
30 lbs = Zumba Shoes!
40 lbs = Zumba Shirt

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3/9/13 9:03 A

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I'm new to spark and didn't know what to expect. Thank you for the goals list idea. My first goal is to drink only water for a week. Them 2 weeks and so on. emoticon My problem is too much juices and soda

Determined to get healthy!!!!

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2/26/13 2:05 P

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Great idea.... I love the idea of little goals...... first increase water to recommended amount each day. I will have to write a list for the other things

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2/26/13 1:22 P

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My list is a work in progress and I am actively trying to make series of small changes that will stick so this challenge is great for me. Here are my first ten mini goals that I'm working on making habit.

1.Drink a minimum of 64 oz. of water daily
2.Track food daily (I do not track online on the weekends. Weekends are strictly family time)
3.Get moving every day
4.Track exercise at least 5 days per week
5.Eat at the table more often
6.Make an inspiration board (And not be ashamed of it when someone giggles at it because deep down they are just too jaded and insecure to believe that inspiration is effective)
7.Cook with my daughters so they will learn healthy habits and learn to be self-sufficient
8.Create a meal rotation so that everyone takes a part in feeding the family
9.Get fiber recommended by doctor (25-35) per day
10.Take my B-12 and Multi-Vitamin daily

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2/3/13 12:35 P

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I love this idea! I'm working on my list and am going to post on my fridge to keep me motivated!

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1/27/13 9:28 A

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working on #15 & 16 - but great goal and I am gonna try some!

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1/24/13 10:20 A

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1. Laugh more often
2. Make new friends
3. Less thinking, more doing
4. Have active fun with my children
5. Watch less TV
6. Sleep 8 hours daily
7. Meditate
8. Connect with my spiritual self
9. Become more resilient
10. Stop letting stress lead me off course
11. Eat more fruits and veggies
12. Choose my foods wisely
13. Exercise daily
14. Enjoy my time on SparkPeople
15. Weigh myself and not fret over the results
16. Stop procrastinating
17. Go out, when weather allows
18. Appreciate my body as it is today
19. Lose 5 lbs. before my children's birthday (March 5)
20. Increase my workout time weekly

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

Henry David Thoreau

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1/15/13 1:29 P

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I love this idea...I need to get thinking!! I will be back with a list soon.


"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
-Thomas A. Edison

"Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip."
-Arnold H. Glasgow

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1/13/13 11:23 P

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i loved this idea and i intend to edit this post
starting on ( 15/01/2013)

1) Get all 100 goals listed ( )
2) Take monthly measurements( last day of the month)
3) Weight in weekly every Friday ( )
4) drink at least 8 glasses of water every day ( )
5) no more sugar every day ( )
6) Stop drinking soda everyday ( )
7) Track my food 7 days a week ( )
8) Track my work out 7 days a week ( )
9) Do 30 minutes of cardio, 6 days per week ( )
10) Do strength training 3 days per week ( )
11) Do one of sparkpeople videos 6 days per week ( )
12) Do 30 minutes of Belly dancing ( )
13) Do one of leslie sanson vedio every da y ( )
14) Do 100 crunches 7 days a week ( )
15) Do 100 stair steps 7 days a week ( )
16) Try a new healthy recipe
17) Buy a food scale
18) Go somewhere I have never been
19) Not to eat after 8pm
20) Lose 5
21) Lose 10
22) Lose 15
23) Lose 20
24) Lose 25
25) Lose 30
26) Lose 35
27) Lose 40
28) Lose 45
29) Lose 50
30) Lose 55
31) Lose 60
32) .Get a manicure
33) Get a pedicure.
34) Get a facial
35) Have a day out with family once a week
36) Play with my kid more
37) Be able to do one of jillian michell workout videos
38) Read part of quran 7 times a week ( )
39) Pray all my prayers during the day in time 5 times per day
40) No more than 2 hrs. of Internet per day ( )

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1/9/13 8:05 P

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my mini goal before the weekend hits is learn how to balance my carbs,protiens,fats and calories properly

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1/4/13 1:36 P

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love this idea

my 1st goal is to only drink water after 8pm starting today

I will follow up once i have more added to my list

so ready to get back on track


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1/1/13 2:33 P

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This is such great idea. I am going to make my list today, print it out, and hang it on my fridge so i can cross them off as I accomplish them. Thanks for the inspiration!

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.


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12/13/12 3:00 P

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I love this, what a great way to focus on the details!Wonder how far I can get:

1) Walk once time each weekend for at least an hour
2) No less than 30 minutes at the gym
3) No soda for all of December
4) No fast food for the month of December
5) Stay in calorie goal range each day for the month of December
6) Walk at least twice during the weekdays
7) For every three hours of homework, take a break and do 15 minutes of cardio or weights
8) Stretch every morning for December
9) At least 6 hours of sleep every night for December
10) Drink 8 glasses of water each day in December
11) Call one friend a week to check in
12) Write a letter to someone that lives far away this month
13) Post on each of my SparkTeams at least three times a week
14) Go on a walk in the park with a friend
15) Text happy thoughts to at least one friend each day
16) Reach out to new SparkTeam teammates to offer welcome and encouragement
17) Leave positive Facebook comments for my friends each day
18) Take the time to greet each of my co-workers and ask how they are
19) Call my mom once every two weeks
20) Smile at people I pass while I am out walking
21) Turn in all homework assignments on time this term
22) Take Fridays and Mondays off from homework
23) Identify 5 potential internship sites by the end of December
24) Start organizing research for my final projects
25) Start an outline for each final project
26) Read three research articles this month that are unrelated to homework
27) Apply for my Spring term leave of absence
28) Write my resume by the end of the month
29) Email three classmates to check in this term
30) Email two professors to request letters of recommendation
31) Make a list of all my current bills
32) Make a budget for January that includes healthy food shopping
33) Save $1.00 each day (to be used for new clothes when I reach my goal weight)
34) Save $400 of my financial aid to pay for next year's annual gym membership
35) Pay ahead on my phone bill and my internet bill with financial aid
36) Go through old clothes and take any that don't fit to consignment store
36) Clean out craft supplies
37) Reorganize storage spaces
38) Clean out car
39) Vacuum car
40) Get oil changed before Xmas
41) Paint nails
42) Self-pedicure
43) Facial
44) Get a hair cut before New Year's
45) Work on knitting projects 3 times a week
46) Take back library books
47) Return any borrowed items by the end of the year
48) Get tires rotated
49) Make one new recipe this month
50) Go to an art show

That's all I've got so far, only half way and already seems like so much ground covered!

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12/3/12 10:07 P

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This is a super-awesome idea. I will have to sit down and work on it - but first, time for my strength training!

- Canada/Wingless

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11/16/12 10:00 P

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I LOVE this challenge/idea! Here is what I have so far. I do best with very specific and small goals (doing 'more' or 'less' of something just ends up being something I eventually drop, so I tried to avoid those for me). I haven't done most of these yet - but the plan is to add them one at a time as the first ones become second nature. If I start slacking on earlier ones, I'll scale back some until they're solid again, and then start adding again. A lot of these I've stolen from previous posts, because ya'll have some amazing ideas!

Motivation moments for each of the daily tasks:
Tell folks about 1 day of accomplishment.
Celebrate 1 week with hand written certificate posted on the wall.
Celebrate 1 month with a Facebook Post and printed certificate (get dollar frame).
Celebrate 3 months with another FB Post, a New Certificate (with victory photo), and a hand/arm/foot/leg massage.
Celebrate 6 months with another FB post, a new victory photo, a timeline poster, and ... ???

My Mini Goals (so far!):

Get 6+ hours of sleep every night. (I've been doing, though unofficially)
Drink 8+ glasses of water every day. (Started this one!)
Write down everything I eat & track. (Started this one - this week!)
Do some sort of physical activity for 15 min a day. (Started this one - this week!)
Eat the colors of the rainbow every day.
Portion food out at the beginning of the week.
When watching television exercise during commercials for ONE SHOW.
Walk dog short walk every day.
Try one new exercise per month.
Put an xtra 5 minutes into your appearance daily.
Reward myself w/ $1 each day I exercise and spend it when I get to $100. REPEAT.
Find my food scale
Put my food scale out on the counter.
Use my food scale for all meat.
Do 1 situp a day for a week. Do a 2 min max diagnostic @ end of week.
Do Max - 1 situps (minimum 1) a day for a week. Do a 2 min max diagnostic @ end of week. Repeat.
Do 1 pushup a day for a week. Do a 2 min max diagnostic @ end of week.
Do Max - 2 pushups (minimum 1) a day for a week. Do a 2 min max diagnostic @ end of week. Repeat.
Eat only at the table.
Meditate for 5 minutes a day. every day.
Take one parade action a day. every day.
Sign up for a 5k 3 months away, and train as per below:
Print/Write down Form Focuses on a separate Index Card per focus.
Run for 1 minute every day for 1 week with form focus card.
Add a minute and a new focus to daily run every week. Set watch to go off every minute to check in on focus.
Lose 1 pound
Lose 2 pounds more
Lose 3 pounds more
Lose 4 pounds more
Lose 5 pounds more
Lose 6 pounds more
Lose 7 pounds more
Lose 8 pounds more
Lose 9 pounds more
Lose 10 pounds more

Started Mini-Goals 13Nov 2012.

Current mini-goals (added 28 Nov 2012):

1) Keep drinking 8+ glasses of water and tracking food.
2) Do a total of 20 fitness minutes a day.
3) Take 1 parade-action a day [I am volunteer recruiter for our local St Patrick's Day Parade and I always keep things to the last minute - hopefully this year it won't build up and throw me off my weight loss goals! If you live in the Raleigh NC area and want to volunteer, send me a message!]

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10/18/12 11:18 P

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I wanted to check back in.... THIS CHALLENGE HAS BEEN MY GREATEST MOTIVATOR... And it was teh best healing tool of 2012, and such a time of growth. :D !!!!
When making my list, I kept askin myself, if my health wasnt an issue... WHO would I be? WHAT would I do? What would I not be afraid of? What would life look like? And then I got a bunch... some big, most little and doable steps... like my goal is to walk in a 5k and one day run a marathon, but now, i'm not allowed no where near that and not even allowed to run at all.... so i have to work up to it, creating goals of walking for 15min, 30min, 1mile, 2mi, etc. :D
I had a heartbreaking loss this year, and had all these travel guides/magazines for a family vacation I'd been planning with the son we were trying to adopt. When things fell apart, I had all those guides around as a reminder of the son I no longer had... so I used those things to make a goal/ motivation poster of my 100 goals, plus inspiraitonal quotes and pictures. For each goal I accomplish, I get to put a 3d paper rose sticker on my poster, so I can see as I'm learning and growing, there's huge beauty coming to my life.
Thanks for this amazing idea... seriously, it's been HUGE for me!!!

I don't have to get there fast... I just have to keep reaching for my goals, and keep moving towards them. Slow and steady wins the race!

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10/16/12 10:07 A

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Looking at everyone elses' lists has been motivating! I don't think I can come up with 100 right off the bat, but I'm starting with 10:
1. Drink less coffee- drink more water!
2. Cook at home more often and find quick, healthy meals I won't mind cooking after a long day at work
3. Find my way to the gym three times a week
4. Walk on my lunch break two times a week
5. Make vegetables a bigger focus in my recipes and snacks
6. Spend more time outside and less time on the computer/ipad
7. Move around more at work- take the stairs, walk across campus, etc.
8. Lose the first 10 pounds
9. Spend some time each day looking at pictures, blogs, and articles that inspire and motivate me
10. Refresh my attitude and stop dreading the upcoming holidays and try to enjoy then for once

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10/5/12 4:15 P

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My mini goal list
1. Drink 143 oz of water daily (half my weight)
2. Discover new vegetables
3. Find atleast one healthy recipes per week
4. Lose ten pounds by this time next month
5. Remember to take it slow, the process to get fat took many years.
6. Make No more excuses about exercise. Do the dvd (Walk at Home)

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9/26/12 3:24 P

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These goals are all so inspiring!! Thank you for sharing. I will post my own later.

8/1/2013 - 376

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9/25/12 7:16 A

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~100 Mini Goals-weight loss bucket list~

1. Cardio video 2x a week
2. Strength train 3 days a week
3. Weigh and measure food
4. Track food daily
4. Interact on SparkPeople
5. Do garden clean up 1x a week
6. Buy and use Gogorobics
7. Meditate daily 10 minutes
8. Log fitness
9. Journal 3x a week
10. Track my feelings on other goals for one-two wks
11. Stay in my calorie range for a month
12. Eat healthy food every day for 2 weeks
13. Loose 2 lbs a week
14. Take supplements daily
15. Do 10 push ups
16. Sew a quilt
17. Celebrate fat losses
18. Measure inches
19. Weigh in once a week
20. Say a positive affirmation daily
21. Take measurements monthly
22. Read blogs 2x per week
23. Do fall heavy cleaning
24. Do something nice for my husband each day
25. Make mandala 1x per week and use it for meditation
26.Yoga 10 minutes a day
27.-Keep up with team
28-100 will post later

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9/10/12 4:13 P

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I set 10 goals to meet this week and every week i will add some.
1. Drink 64 ozs of water a day
2. Exercise 15 minutes a day
3. Say one positive thing about myself everyday
4. Blog once a day
5. Lose 2-4 pounds this week
6. Read for 15 minutes everyday in my book
7. No junk food all week
8. Enjoy life
9. tell each of my kids i love them once a day
10. Be opitmistic!!!!

Day by Day,
Minute by Minute
Pound by Pound
I will do better this year

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9/4/12 4:34 P

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I love this idea! Here's my list:

1. Be nice to myself!
2. Get to the gym 3x a week
3. When I'm stressed and even if I don't want to: BREATH!
4. Drink more water
5. Say hello to one new person a day
6. Don't let my weight define who I am
7. Dance
8. learn to cook better
9. smile
10. eat more veggies

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9/3/12 9:52 P

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Wonderful i will have to make my list!

2013....Healthy Me

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8/31/12 5:14 A

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This is a great idea :) I think I'd be completely overwhelmed if I tried to do 100 so I'll go with the batches of 10 :)

1, Drink more water, aim for 10 bottles a day
2. Remember that being fat doesn't define who I am, it's just a part of me....for now!
3. Spend time with each child individually, make them feel as special as they are.
4. Make a start on showing how important things are and look after them better.
5. Catch up on the washing!
6. Make my husband realise how much I value him.
7. make time for the wii fit, I deserve to have time for ME too!
8. Sit down and watch a film with the children, they love it when I spend time with them without rushing off.
9.Make sure I'm all set for going back to work.
10. Smile, even when I don't always feel like it, because it makes a difference :)

Now to print the list out :D

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7/29/12 1:42 P

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Ok, I'm in for this. I'll try to complete 10 mini-goals a week. For this week, mine are...

1) No Smoking (ok that's more of a major goal, but...)
2) Paint a picture
3) Apply for 4 jobs
4) Get Laundry room sorted and packed
4) Get closets sorted and packed
5) Take daughter to park
6) Track all food eaten
7) Hit the gym every night through Friday
8) Weigh in at the clinic
9) Dance with my daughter for fun and exercise
10)Work out an August budget.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/23/12 8:17 A

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I like the idea of doing them in sets of 10 :), I'll do the same.

1. Lose the 5 lbs I gained back over the last while.
2. Exercise at least 15 minutes each day
3. Stay junk food free for 1 week.
4. Drink 64 oz of water each day for 1 week.
5. Stay within my allowed calories for 1 week.
6. Get up every day for one week before 8am
7. Reduce my time spent on my computer by at least 2 hours / day.
8. Get out of my pyjamas every day before 9am.
9. Do my floors before the weekend.
10. Do something active with my husband this weekend.

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7/2/12 10:50 P

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I like this challenge, I too am gonna do 10 at a time, and when those are met do 10 more :)

1. Drink 12 glasses of water a day.
2. Exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.
3. Eat 5 freggies a day
4. 15 minutes of Daily Devotions
5. Hug my kids 5 times a day least :)
6. Not go to bed angry.
7. Cherish the little things in life.
8. Praise God when life gets hard.
9. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
10. Remind myself everyday I am worth it!!!!!!

Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections.
Saint Francis de Sales

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7/1/12 6:35 A

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I'm going to post 10 at a time until I think of 100 that fit me:
1. Be content - see the true blessings in my life and Praise God for them!
2. Continue to work toward the 5k
3. Drink water
4. Hug my children and husband often - tell them I love them whenever I feel like it.
5. Talk to my friends
6. read good books
7. get enough sleep
8. drink more water
9. make love to my husband
10. Spend time talking to my Savior - ie - Jesus!

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6/30/12 10:17 A

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I started making a list in my journal two weeks ago. Then I found this today. I don't have 100 yet but I will think about it some more today and post what I have.

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6/28/12 6:41 P

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This is a great challenge. It was very motivating to read all of your goals and gave me some hints for my list. Here it goes...
1. Smile and Thank the Lord for each new day.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning
3. Keep praying and Thanking god for the wonderful day ( even when it is raining or 100 degrees)
4. No complaining
5. Move always ( even if it is in my chair as I sway back and forth)
6. reset big goals if necessary, not get down about it!
7. Thank God for the strength he has given be to accomplish the thing I never thought I could.
8.Get a mindset of LIfestyle and not until I...
9. Find a solution to the ...But Mom..I already..when I want to go for a family walk or ride or......
10. Be responsible for my actions or lack of actions when I have pushed to far or not enough
11. Lose another 16 lbs ( what I have lost since April)
12. Become more active in my church. No more excuse..I can't because I am afraid I might let someone down if I get sick.
14. On time.... I can't stand much stress..learn what ever I need to to not rush
15. Ride a roller coaster or water ride without freaking out I am going to fly out because of my size.
16. I think I can I think I can I think I can. Find motivation when needed.
17. Remember I am human and not a machine...It is ok to slack if I realize it ant get back track as soon as possible.
18. Don't try crazy diets....
19. keep on oatmeal or egg bfasts rotation when ever possible.
20. Thank God for being my constant workout partner.
21. Rotate new recipes in.
22.Don't forget the water bottles.
23. Don't forget to buy water filter cartrages. ( Well water yuck!!)
24. Limit the red meat. Steak only every few months and not as a reward.
25. That food may be delicious but watch the potion size.
26. Salad is not a bowl of lettuce...dress it up with veggies and not the ranch dressing.
27. Do not bring Trigger foods into the house
28. Keep the overboard food for special occasions. and watch potions.
29. 5 or more of the fruit and veggies
30. Color Color Color. They are pretty and really good for you.
31. Thank God for the willpower and pray for the high fructose syrup makers because they have wronged you and you shall not hate them.
32. Buy new shoes in the fall because I will have worn out the 3 that I have because I have walked so much.
33. Find new workouts I can do at home that I enjoy because it will be cold in a few months and Say No excuses... No Weight gain next winter.
34. Find a support group that works for me and not because they have too....
35. Jan first the Daniel plan...Religious weight loss and fitness program program with famous Dr's.
36. Stop emotional eating completely.
37. Find a walking buddy that really want to walk with me.
38.Join TOPS.
38. Keep moving and dancing as much as possible
39. Run a mile.
40. Participate in a walk for a health charity
41. Thank God for the opportunity to challenge my self to lose weight
42. STRESS..what STRESS...Lean to deal with it and crate new habits to reduce it.
43. Find things that makes me happy.
44. Find a birding building to watch the wildlife with out being noticed
45. Outside fresh air wildlife
46. Read
47. Be more consistent with my food journal.
48. Sleep in my bed every night.
49. Take another Ti Chi class
50. Shout his praises when ever possible for all the amazing things happening in my life
51.Stop sugar...all of it no sweetener of any kind, no honey, no jam. Not even the fake stuff.
Sugar free stuff is a lie.
52. more vegetables
53. more fiber
54. less night snacks
55. cook more
56. How much water can I drink in a year? I know it is a good number but it can be higher
57. Slow down
58. Stop eating in front of the tv
59. If I can't read it don't eat it
60. Amazing love
61. Read my bible more
62. Pray everyday for everyone in need not just myself or family
66. learn to pray constantly
67. Read Not a fan
68. Find religious ladies group/ share group
69. Find a bible study group that I don't feel too old or young or to single.
70. Participate in a an Emascus Walk
71. Go hiking
72. Do a volksmarch
73. Get a Adult tricycle.
74. Find a trike ( standing bike using a swaying motion)
75. Run 2 miles
76. Walk the whole Entire bike trail and back everyday for a week and not feel awful when done.
77. Ride from Urbana to ??? Cincinatti on the bike trail
78. After I have lost a great deal of weight ( maybe within 20 lbs of my goal) Do an extreme workout program ( p30x or insanity)
79. Workout with Richard Simmons again when I reach my goal weight.
80. Thank God for the power I have gained physically and emotionally
81. Inspire other and mentor them to get healthy
82. Live life the way it was meant to be lived with passion and dedication with everything you do.
83. Lean to play the piano and organ.
84. make crafts to share to make other smile and to help me relax.
85. Share my faith with others especially children. Continue religious emblems for years.
86. Live in the moment. no matter what.
87. Take photos along the way( weight loss and discovering the me that was hiding in here).
88.Laugh at myself don't take life too seriously.
89. Stop gossiping
90. Sing Sing Sing Thank the lord for new beginnings
91. Run a mini marathon...I f I even like to run when I get there.
94. Join sporting group to stay active.
95. Try new activities I have never tried because of my weight
96. Skydiving
97. zip line tours maybe in the canopy of a jungle.
98. Step on the scale and I show 150 or less
99. Be thankful to God and everyone that had helped me supported me to get there
100. Prise God for holding my hand all the way and reminding me This journey is not over just changing of the page of my life.

As we walk though this garden, that some call life there are many paths and ways to go. There is always someone there to help you along the way some may force you down their path or help you find your own. No matter what path you take there is a key in the garden. You must find it to survive!

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6/25/12 4:55 P

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100 Goals...
1. Drink my water. emoticon
2. Eat 5 freggies. emoticon
3. Do not binge. emoticon
4. Track every bite for an entire day.
5. Contact a friend or family member for support. emoticon
6. Make a meal plan for the next two weeks.
7. Shop my grocery list and nothing more. emoticon
8. Try a new recipe. emoticon
9. Try a new vegetable. emoticon
10. Do not take a nap. emoticon
11. Say something positive about myself.
12. Exercise during the commercials for an entire show.
13. Schedule a time to clean and do it.
14. Live in the now.
15. Don't drink soda. emoticon
16. Go an entire week without drinking soda. emoticon
17. Go an entire month without drinking soda.
18. Contact a friend to let them know you were thinking about them. emoticon
19. Plan a get together without involving food.
20. Try no carbs. emoticon
21. Get moving outside. emoticon
22. Play in the rain. emoticon
23. Try a water aerobics class at the pool. emoticon
24. Plan breakfast for a week.
25. Put $1,000 in an emergency fund.
26. Go an entire week without stepping on the scale.
27. Play with the kids more.
28. Read a book. emoticon
30. Clean the office. emoticon
31. Organize my craft things. emoticon
32. Meditate.
33. Journal. emoticon
34. Blog on SP. emoticon
35. Take a trip by myself.
36. Be grateful and write it in my journal.
37. No fried foods for a week. emoticon
38. Stay positive even when a negative thought creeps in. emoticon
39. Set up my SparkStreaks. emoticon
40. Try a new exercise. emoticon
41. Focus on fiber. emoticon
42. Focus on protein and log how I feel. emoticon
43. Dine out only once per week. emoticon
44. Paint the living room.
45. Paint the hallway.
46. Help the kids ride their bikes.
47. Walk a mile. emoticon
48. Walk two miles. emoticon
49. Walk three miles. emoticon
50. Beat my original one mile time. emoticon
51. Have a girl's day with Emily. emoticon
52. Have a day with Lucas. emoticon
53. Have a day with Ken.
54. Eat a vegetarian dinner.
55. Lose 15 pounds. emoticon
56. Trim tree by my bedroom window.
57. Ride my bike.
58. Plan a family trip somewhere.
59. Start saving for that trip.
60. Do laundry more often. emoticon
61. Go fishing. emoticon
62. Get under 300. emoticon
63. Do not finish the kids' plates. emoticon
64. Take a gun safety course.
65. Do not eat after 8pm. emoticon
66. Journal/Scrapbook meeting these goals.
67. Organize closet in back bathroom.
68. Send Bibby a handwritten letter.
69. Get to Level 11 on SparkPoints. emoticon
70. Organize recipes. emoticon
71. Plan a day with just the 4 of us.
72. Set rewards for percentage goals. emoticon
73. Stay in calorie range. emoticon
74. Update my music on my iPhone. emoticon
75. Go canoeing. emoticon
76. Hear "Have you lost weight?" emoticon
77. Dance with the kids. emoticon
78. Go to the beach. emoticon
79. Take the kids bowling. emoticon
80. Find a geocache.
81. Make bed every morning for a week. emoticon
82. Be lighter than my husband. emoticon
83. Become a better housewife. emoticon
84. Stick to this for a month. emoticon
85. Stick to this for two months.
86. Put something motivational on fridge. emoticon
87. Measure inches. emoticon
88. Eat fish, not fried. emoticon
89. Prepare freezer meals again. emoticon
90. Fly a kite.
91. Geocache in a different city.
92. LAUGH!!! emoticon
93. Take myself to lunch. emoticon
94. Finish a sewing project. emoticon
95. Stop a binge from going further. emoticon
96. Turn off the TV and move. emoticon
97. Put away laundry right out of the dryer. emoticon
98. Clean the bathroom sink every day for a week.
99. Remember to breathe in the middle of stress.

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6/9/12 6:54 P

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This is a neat idea. It really got me thinking about what I'd like to be able to do; somethings I won't need to wait to do but others will be easier after I shed a few pounds. So anyway here is the first half of my list, and not in any particular order.
100 Mini Goals 1-50:
1. Go white water rafting on a class 5
2. Wear a nice swimsuit not a swim-dress
3. Go on a 10 mile hike
4. Camp in back country (hike in hike out)
5. Get a nice Bike and ride it
6. Buy a cool kite and fly it
7. Go star gazing
8. Learn archery
9. Go on a white orienteering course
10. Go on a yellow orienteering course
11. Go on an orange orienteering course
12. Go on a Brown/Green/Red/Blue orienteering course
13. Go spelunking
14. Go roller/ice skating
15. Learn more about HAM radio
16. Plant some pretty flowers
17. Buy a fruit tree when I lose every 10lbs
18. Start a vegetable garden
19. Go canoeing/ kayak-ing
20. Bike for half a day just for fun not timed or for distance
21. Go a whole day with out electronics
22. Sit around a campfire and tell not too scary ghost stories
23. Actually try a pinterest recipe instead of just repinning
24. Make a quilt for my bed
25. Do a cartwheel
26. Do a hand stand
27. Take Ballroom Dance
28. Take Ballet Dance
29. Make a video of myself playing with my kids where Im not embarrassed of my size
30. Stop standing behind people in photos
31. Have 100 more photos with me in them
32. Meet all of my neighbors that live within view of my porch
33. Go ATVing
34. Go creek walking
35. Go fishing
36. Climb a Tree
37. Hoola Hoop to 100 without it dropping
38. Jump rope 100 without tripping
39. Double Dutch with 1 trick like holding a foot
40. Do a flip on a trampoline
41. Climb a rope or pole that is at least 10'
42. Go scuba diving
43. Learn to surf
44. Have a block party
45. Milk a cow/goat
46. Watch each sunset instead of a tv show
47. Laugh once a day
48. Spend 10 mins one on one with the people in your immediate family
49. Chase fireflies
50. Turn off the TV/computer and turn on the radio and dance once a month

Team Co-Leader for 100+ pounds in 1 year:

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5/11/12 10:43 P

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This is a great idea. I will have to put some thought into this. I see so many great ideas here. I may have to borrow a few .. I will be back with my list .

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5/7/12 4:58 A

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Fantastic Idea! I just joined today so here's my list to get me started:
1. Quit drinking soda
2. Walk 1 mile/day for a week, increase by 1 mile each week
3. Run a mile with no stops/breaks.
4. Play outside with my son
5. Clean my house
6. Organize my house
7. Finish my undergrad course work
8. Dance, every day to at least one song
9. Buy sexy lingerie for every 25lbs I lose
10. Drink water
11. Get up every morning early enough to watch the sunrise
12. Remind myself that I am a priority, not a convenience to others
13. Plan a girls day once a month
14. Establish "date night" with the hubby
15. Pray
16. Learn portion size
17. Learn how to make/maintain nutrious meals
18. Photograph my progress
19. Do something that is outside of my "comfort zone"
20. Eat breakfast every day
21. Wear a bathing suit in public!
22. Play in the local charity softball tournament
23. Move from "obese" to "over weight"
24. Lower my BMI
25. Realize & rid myself of unnecessary negativity
26. Thank my supporters
27. Be a supportive person
28. Journal
29. Celebrate every 5lbs I lose
30. Eat dinner by 6pm every night
31. Do 100 sit ups on a ball
32. Do not eat fast food/restaurant for one month
33. Cook healthy for my family for one month
34. Lose at least 1 lb every week
35. Grow/work in my own garden
36. (I'll add more later)

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. - Socrates

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5/7/12 4:02 A

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What a great list! Can I steal it? lol!

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. - Socrates

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5/1/12 2:00 P

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I printed mine out and have them hanging on my office road box. I laminated them so the things that are week long goals - I can simply write on the paper with a dry erase mark and then if I have to start over no worries. I have stars stickers that I am placing beside the goals I have completed. Just coming back to the site to update my online one! It has been a great Motivator for me. It helps me to remember what i want my daily life to be like.

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4/28/12 11:22 A

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~100 Mini Goals-weight loss bucket list~

1. Exercise at least 10 minutes daily
2. Weigh and measure food
3. Track food daily
4. Interact on SparkPeople
5. Blog weekly on SparkPeople
6. Run at least 5K three times a week
7. Weight training 3 times a week
8. Do a 30 day Bikram Challenge
9. Hike to the top of Valley View trail
10. Finish C25K
11. Maybe start 10K program
12. Enter a 5K race
13. Enter a obstacle race
14. Try some shorter sprint races
15. Learn to swing dance
16. Do a Zumba class
17. Hike Lake Mendocino to the campsite (aprox. 13 miles)
18. Go backpacking nearby
19. Go backpacking in the wilderness
20. Do horse camping
21. Do a trail trial race ~horseback
22. Do an endurance race ~horseback
23. Learn to jump horses ~horseback
24. Learn to do dressage ~horseback
25. Join a Softball team
26. Walk 10 minutes daily for Lunch
27. Meditate daily 10 minutes
28. Log fitness
29. Journal daily for a week
30. Journal feelings daily for a month
31. Stay in my calorie range for a month
32. Eat healthy food choice before attending any function where food might be
33. Allow myself to be healthy
34. Ride a horse 3 times a week
35. Organize a fundraising run
36. Ride bike to work once a month
37. Loose 2 lbs a week
38. Loose 8 lbs a month
39. Take supplements daily
40. Garden
41. Volunteer at TR center
42. Get TR instructors certificate
43. Start a running club at school
44. Drink 4 liters of water daily
45. Do 10 push ups
46. Get into the 200s
47. Get into the 100s
48. Go bowling
49. Go paddle boating
50. Go Paintball shooting
51. Sew a quilt
52. Plan an awesome baby shower
53. Eat fish 2 times a week
54. Eat organic
55. Eat humanly kept meat
56. Join a community event
57. Stay Wheat free
58. Stay sugar free
59. Hike Mount Shasta
60. Hike Squaw Rock
61. Get everything I need for my Credential
62. Celebrate fat losses
63. Measure inches
64. Weigh in once a month
65. Say a positive affirmation daily
66. Train to do Dads memorial backpacking trip
67. Train for a sprint Triathlon
68. Do sprint Triathlon
69. Take measurements monthly
70. ~100. Weigh: X-2(30)=60 lbs lost

All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

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4/16/12 10:20 P

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I'm new here and this seems like a great (and challenging) idea! Did folks follow through? Is anyone still actively tracking their mini goals??

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4/5/12 2:05 A

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New here , but really like this idea

1. Take my kids to the park 3 days out of the week for 4 weeks in a row
2. Get up at 5 (on weekdays) to workout and workout for a hour
3. Keep a fitness journal for a month
4. Take the dog for 10 minute walk each day for 2 weeks
5. Keep a food journal for 30 days
6. Lose 5 lbs (within 2 weeks)
7. Lose 10lbs (within 4 weeks)
8. Lose 15 lbs. (within 5 weeks)
9. Lose 20 lbs.
10. Lose 25 lbs.
11. Lose 30 lbs.
12. Lose 35 lbs.
13. Lose 40 lbs.
14. Lose 45 lbs.
15. Lose 50 lbs.
16. Lose 55 lbs.
17. Lose 60 lbs.
18. Lose 65 lbs.
19. Lose 70 lbs.
20. Lose 75 lbs.
21. Lose 80 lbs.
22. Lose 85 lbs.
23. Lose 90 lbs.
24. Lose 100 lbs.
25. Lose 105 lbs.
26. Lose 110 lbs.
27. Make a cleaning chart
28. Limit computer gaming time
29. Take the family to church 4-8 times in 2 months
30. Hang this list up somewhere noticeable
31. Wear wedding band
32. Look in the mirror each morning and tell myself 3 positive things about myself for a week
33. Hang up motivational quotes around the apartment
35. Narrow this list down and work on 5-10 goals at a time until each goal is completed
37. Finish up BA degree
38. Get the kids to school by 8 for ONE WEEK
39. Get the kids to school by 8 for TWO WEEKS
41. Spend more time with kids - set up a family game night
42. Blog or use Live Journal with the weight loss journey
43. Stay Active with SP this time around with my weight loss
44. EAT BEFORE going to the next kid function
45. Drink more water - 2 bottles a day
46. Do NOT complain about lack of money for a week.
47. Read "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting"
48. Read the sequel to Divergent
49. Spend at least 30 min each day doing preschool stuff with my youngest
50. Start of the day with prayer for at least a week
51. Get the skin tag cream from Amazon when I get t0 210 lbs
52. Make sure to look up a motivational story at least 3 different days a week
53. Instead of laying down crying when depressed, drink water and take the dog for a 5 min walk or read a few pages out of a book (Try this for 30 days)
54. Get more active with kids, make a list how
55. Make a timeline for these goals, whatever way works
56. Figure out a way not to gorge on Holidays and Bday parties
57. Figure out a way not to yell so much
58. Become a better mom ~ Make a list how
59. Become a better wife ~ Make a list how
60. Start taking Vitamins
61. Pick a religion I AM happy with ~ not what everyone else wants
62. Stick to what I AM doing to make ME happy as long as I KNOW it makes me happy and it wouldn't harm my family in any way
63. Take more pictures ~ Even if I hate them ~ Have kids take them with my phone
64. Be more understanding about money ~ Make a list how
65. Get Hungry, Hungry Hippos for the kids
66. Take a picture of weight progress every Thursday
67. Limit kids computer/TV time
68. Hold the guinea pig more
69. Learn to cook ~ get more specific later
70. Eat more fruit
71. Take advantage of the slow cooker
72. Do one social thing (without my husband or kids) once a month for two months
73. Read The Spark book
74. Visit The Museum of Tolerance
75. Don't expect to much if I lose weight (money wise, since I need to save)
76. Make a list of non money related rewards for weight loss
77. Watch Anger level ~ Make a list how
78. Take up Yoga
79. Remember I DON'T need a gym membership or Weight Watchers to lose weight, it is possible to do this without them
80. No soda for a week
81. Start weight loss 4-5 (tomorrow) , no excuses
82. Take measurements
83. Keep track of measurements every Thursday
84. Check the mail every day for two weeks
85. Get 15 lbs lighter than my husband
86. Work on getting better/more sleep ~ Make a list how
87. Remember I CAN do this
88. Workout at least 3-5 times a week for one month
89. Stay away from the Red box for one month ~ Remember the $23 fee :0(
90. Remember I AM worth this
91. Think of a PUNISHMENT for every time I emotional eat
92. If I slack off, get back on track within a day (though more pref a hour)
93. Look a book team on SP or for a book club locally or online
94. Spend more time with my dog
95. Cancel gym membership ~ need to save money ~ IT IS POSSIBLE TO WORK OUT AT HOME
96. Look for a moms club/group that doesn't spend money on every function they go to
97. Bible ~ Weather it's from a workbook or with a church
98. Finish the Charmed series


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So I am late joining, but its never too late right? Here is my list

Please keep in mind that I travel for work - everyday in a hotel in a different city - if I get a hotel a lot of the times I am sleeping on a bus while we travel to a new city.

1. Make bed/bunk every morning for a wk emoticon
2. No soda for a wk emoticon
3. Exceed goal of workout calories burned for a wk
4. Do arm exercises during the show for a wk emoticon
5. Log all food eaten for 1 Wk
6. Meet calorie intake goal every day for a Wk
7. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for a Wk emoticon
8. Dont eat after shows every day for a Wk
9. Be awake and moving in the morning before 9:30a every day for a Wk
10. Make bed/bunk every morning for 2 Wks emoticon
11. No soda for 2 Wks
12. Exceed goal of work out calories burned for 2 Wks emoticon
13. Do arm exercises every day during the show for 2 Wks
14. Meet calorie intake goal every day for 2 Wks
15. Log all food eaten for 2 Wks
16. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for 2 Wks
17. Dont eat after shows every day for 2 Wks
18. Be awake and moving in the morning before 9:30a every day for 2 Wks
19. Make bed/bunk every morning for 3 Wks
20. No soda for 3 Wks
21. Exceed goal of work out calories burned for 3 Wks
22. Do arm exercises every day during the show for 3 Wks
23. Log all food eaten for 3 Wks
24. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for 3 Wks
25. Dont eat after shows every day for 3 Wks
26. Be awake and moving in the morning before 9:30a every day for 3 Wks
27. Make bed/bunk every morning for a month
28. No soda for a month
29. Exceed goal of work out calories burned for a month
30. Do arm exercises every day during the show for a month
31. Log all food eaten for a month
32. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for a month
33. Dont eat after shows every day for a month
34. Be awake and moving in the morning before 9:30a every day for a month
35. Lose 5 pounds emoticon
36. Lose 10 pounds emoticon
37. Lose 15 pounds
38. Lose 20 pounds
39. Lose 25 pounds
40. Lose 30 pounds
41. Exceed goal of work out calories burned for a Wk emoticon
42. Send cards/notes etc to 5 friends on tour ***
43. Send Easter basket to Nieces emoticon
44. Join a gym (when off the road)
45. Go to bar or restaurant with friends after the show and not eat or drink
46. Finish crocheting afghan
47. Finish crocheting baby afghan
48. Finish cross stitch #1 emoticon
49. Finish cross stitch #2
50. Go for a hike
51. Climb a mountain
52. Find 10 geocaches
53. Find 20 geocaches
54. Find 30 geocaches
55. Not eat out for 3 meals a Wk emoticon
56. Pay off credit card
57. Pay off hospital bill
58. Go a Wk without eating fried food
59. Buy and grow a bus plant emoticon
60. Run a 12 min mile w/o stopping
61. Run a 11 min mile w/o stopping
62. Run a 10 min mile w/o stopping
63. Run a 9 min mile w/o stopping
64. Finish book club book
65. Find summer job
66. Take a vacation
67. Visit a zoo
68. Go to an art museum
69. Trip to a science center
70. Plan a game night with friends
71. Get a massage
72. Buy/Fit into an 18
73. Buy/Fit into a 16
74. Do a 5k
75. Run the whole 5k
76. Finish a newspaper crossword puzzle
77. Take a college class
78. Take a pottery class
79. Create a workable budget
80. Stay on the budget
81. Day at an amusement park (not working)
82. Do something self-less every day.
83. Call my friends more
84. Start taking vitamins emoticon
85. Walk at least a mile outside once a Wk. ***
86. No gossiping
87. Purge my life of un-needed items
88. Volunteer at an animal shelter
89. Go out to a movie no soda!!!
90. Save enough money for first and last rent for an apartment in NYC emoticon
91. Do a cartwheel
92. Tattoo??? Does Henna count? emoticon
93. Send pumpkins in the mail
94. Clean out/organize work box emoticon
95. $1 reward each day I work out. Use money to complete other items on this list*******
96. Arrange bowling night.
97. Ballroom dancing classes
98. Take more pictures
99. Be more positive emoticon

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I love this!

This gives such fulfillment to the journey of losing a hundred pound loss doesn't feel like much, but to cross each item of this list will be outstanding!

Here is my beginner list--still working on some! Some are to be a healthier, more fit person--others just to be a better person.

1. Drink 8 Cups of water daily for a week
2. Eat vegetarian for a day
3. One week without artificial sweetener
4. Eat only organic for a day
5. Start a garden--04.15.12
6. Grow fresh herbs--started 04.15.12
7. Sugar free for one week
8. Plant garlic
9. Grow own Halloween pumpkins--started 04.28.12
10. Can/preserve vegetables from garden
11. No coffee for 30 days--COMPLETE! 05.20.12
12. Do a pullup (unassisted) by 12/31/2012
13. Do 100 jumping jacks
14. Run one mile
15. Complete a 10K on elliptical
16. Strength train every week for a month
17. Strength train 2x a week for a month
18. Strength train 3x a week for a month
19. Do 10 "regular" pushups
20. Log 20 miles on stationary bike
21. Try 1 new vegetable a month
22. Take a new group-ex class every month
23. Do 100 situps (not crunches)
24. Jump rope for 3 minutes
25. Ride bikes as family
26. Go skiing
27. Go rock-climbing
28. Go kayaking
29. Go hiking
30. Run on a track
31. Walk a 10K
32. Jog a 5K
33. Plant a fruit tree--03.22.12
34. Go apple-picking
35. Go cherry picking
36. Volunteer at children's hospital
37. Volunteer at nursing home
38. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
40. DIY manicure/pedicure
41. Workout to Season 1 of Futurama
42. Workout to Season 2 of Futurama
43.Workout to Season 3 of Futurama
44. Workout to Season 4 of Futurama
45. Workout to Season 5 of Futurama
46. Workout to Season 6 of Futurama
47. Workout to Season 1 of Daria
48. Workout to Season 2 of Daria
49. Workout to Season 3 of Daria
50.Workout to Season 4 of Daria
51. Workout to Season 5 of Daria
52. Workout to Season 6 of Daria
53. Take Belly Dancing Class
54. Take Boxing Class
55. Take a Ballet Class
56. Take a Ballroom Dancing Class
77. Goodbye 230's
78. Goodbye 220's
79. Goodbye 210's
80. Goodbye 200's
81. Goodbye 190's
82. Goodbye 180's
83. Goodbye 170's
84. Goodbye 160's
85. HELLO GOAL WEIGHT--155!!!!!
86. Maintain 1 day
87. Maintain 1 week
88. Maintain 1 month
90. Maintain 60 days
91.New headshots!
92. Maintain 90 days
93.Outlet Shopping!
94.Maintain 6 months
95. Maintain 9 months
96. Maintain 1 year
97. Maintain 2 years
98. Maintain 3 years
99. Maintain 5 years
100.Live Life. Be Happy

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2/21/12 1:00 P

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I love this challenge!!! Made it through half of my list for 2012. Aiming higher for this year.

Here is my list for 2013:

1. Make a new Mini Goal list for 2013. emoticon
2. Walk for 10 mins. a day for a week. emoticon
3. Walk for 20 mins. a day for a week. emoticon
4. Walk for 30 mins. a day for a week. emoticon
5. Walk 3 miles. emoticon
6. Walk 4 miles. emoticon
7. Walk 5 miles. emoticon
8. Walk 6 miles. emoticon
9. Run for 1 min.
10. Run for 5 mins.
11. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for a week. emoticon
12. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for a two weeks. emoticon
13. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for a three weeks. emoticon
14. Go Swimming. emoticon
15. Strength Exercise 10 minutes every day for one week.
16. Strength Exercise 10 minutes every day for two weeks.
17. Strength Exercise 10 minutes every day for three weeks.
18. Try Yoga. emoticon
19. Try Pilates.
20. Spark Burst exercise for 10mins every day for one week. emoticon
21. Spark Burst exercise for 10mins every day for two weeks.
22. Spark Burst exercise for 10mins every day for three weeks.
23. Go walking with a friend. emoticon
24. Find a new walking path. emoticon
25. Go Hiking. emoticon
26. Do 100 stair steps. emoticon
27. Track exercise for one week. emoticon
28. Track exercise for two weeks. emoticon
29. Track exercise for three weeks.
30. Stop drinking Diet Soda. emoticon
31. Salad with dinner for a week. emoticon
32. Go for a week without ordering take out for dinner. emoticon
33. Try a new vegetable/fruit. emoticon
34. Track all of my food for one week. emoticon
35. Track all of my food for two weeks. emoticon
36. Track all of my food for three weeks.
37. 5 freggies a day for a week. emoticon
38. 8 freggies a day for a week. emoticon
39. Plant an outdoor vegetable/herb garden. emoticon
40. Finish my Family Tree Scrapbook.
41. Finish my Photo Scanning Project.
42. Finish my Vacation Scrapbook.
43. Use music to up my energy level. emoticon
44. No more than 2 hrs. of TV per day for a week. emoticon
45. No more than 2 hrs. of TV per day for two weeks.
46. No more than 2 hrs. of TV per day for three weeks.
47. No more than 2 hrs. of Internet time per day for a week. emoticon
48. No more than 2 hrs. of Internet time per day for two weeks.
49. No more than 2 hrs. of Internet time per day for three weeks.
50. Work on Posture. emoticon
51. Do 10 pushups not modified.
52. Do 100 crunches. emoticon
53. Eat at the Dining Room Table regularly (5 days per week) for a week.
54. Eat at the Dining Room Table regularly (5 days per week) for a month.
55. Stretching for 10 mins. per day for a week. emoticon
56. Stretching for 10 mins. per day for two weeks.
57. Stretching for 10 mins. per day for three weeks.
58. Go to the farmers market. emoticon
59. Paint the Kitchen. - Painted my Office instead considering this one done as I have no more money to buy paint this year emoticon
60. Convert from Home Heating Oil to Gas Heating. emoticon
61. Work on our Finished Basement. emoticon
62. Mount and Hang Family Photos.
63. Rake Leaves. emoticon
64. Shovel Snow. emoticon
65. Make a list of Healthy Desserts. emoticon
66. Substitute them for our current Desserts. emoticon
67. Cut sugar consumption in half. emoticon
68. Find alternate products for current dairy products. emoticon
69. Try Aromatherapy. emoticon
70. Get a Massage.
71. Buy a little black dress. emoticon
72. Shop in a regular clothing store.
73. Get a manicure / pedicure. emoticon
75. Paint a watercolor.
76. Make time for 10 mins. of "me" time per a day for a week. emoticon
77. Make time for 20 mins. of "me" time per a day for a week. emoticon
78. Make time for 30 mins. of "me" time per a day for a week.
79. Take a road trip. emoticon
80. Go to a concert. emoticon
81. Visit with good friends. emoticon
82. Make a new friend. emoticon
83. Pay off debt.
84. Apply for Graduation. emoticon
85. Buy a Sewing Machine. emoticon
86. Re -learn how to Sew. emoticon
87. Learn to Quilt.
88. Work on my wedding dress quilt project.
89. Clear the clutter emoticon
91. Organize the kitchen. emoticon
92. Goodbye 315's
93. Goodbye 310's
94. Goodbye 305's
95. Goodbye 300's
96. Reach 299lbs. (30lbs. gone)
97. Goodbye 295's
98. Good bye 290's
99. Read 50 books this year. (32 out of 50 - not shabby)
100. Do all of these goals by the end of 2013.

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I'm new to Spark...well not new...but coming back after 4 years being gone. I love this challenge!

1 first 10 lbs
2 drink 8 glasses of water - daily for a week
3 walk dogs 5 days in one week
4 log 5 insanity workouts
5 log 5 turbo fire workouts
6 Get into the 270's
7 Lose 10% - (-29.3 lbs)
8 Get into 260's
9 do a 5k
10 run a mile without stopping
11 pay off a credit card
12 get filing done
13 log 15 min of meditation 5 days in one week
14 get into 250's
15 log 5 p90x workouts
16 log 5 zumba workouts
17 finish guest room
18 go one week without a soda
19 go one week without fast food
20 get into 240's
21 try a new recipe from spark
22 use my bodybugg
23 get all to-dos on a weekday done
24 finish readying a book for pleasure
25 get through all magazines on hamper
26 save $100
27 take a boxing class
28 get into 230's
29 trip with rob at 50 lbs
30 get new glasses
31 take a multivitamin everyday for a week
32 swim laps at the pool
33 get curtis and luckey promotion program set up
34 redo flowerbeds
35 shampoo carpets
36 upholster boat
37 get to 220's
38 do a 2nd 5k
39 get into 210's
40 get girls
41 fit into size 16
42 fit into size 14
43 get into 200's
44 get into 190's
45 get into 180's
46 get into 170's
47 give away fat clothes
48 skydive
49 scuba dive
50 ski
51 wakeboard
52 zipline
53 get a motorcycle
54 get another quad
55 run 5min without walking
56 do a 10k
57 burn 4000 calories 3 days in a row
58 do 10 burpees
59 do 3 pullups
60. do 10 real pushups
61 15 pushups in a minute
62 42 situps in a minute
63 2 miles in less than 20 min
64 take 5 yoga classes
65 get your first "You've lost weight" compliment
66 get your first "how did you do it?" question
67 quit soda for good (3 weeks- 0 soda)
68 do brew it up stairs all the way up and down 3 times
69 Lose 5 inches off waist
70 lose 2 inches off arms
71 thighs dont touch
72 do to gym while on a trip
73 do a spin class
74 take a dance class
75 do a kettle bell workout
76 payoff another card
77 pay off all charge cards
78 whitewater rafting
79 shop in the regular sizes
80 attend music networking function
81 go two days without swearing
82 find new service activity
83 go one week without fried food
84 go two weeks without alcohol
85 bill a $2000 week
86 ride roller coaster without worry about size
87 actually have to tighten airline seatbelt
88 save $200 using coupons
89 roller skating
90 buy a little black dress
91 ride a horse
92 no red meat two days a week
93 do all of these goals within a year
94 write beebes
95 bar matter
96 make amends with monkey pug
97 visit dad again
98 up by 630 three days in a row
99 return some of nikitin's money
100 plan a trip to celebrate crossing off 50 of these =)

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I was intimidated by 100, at first... i guess, a lot like my goal to lose 140lbs. I can't tell you how inspiring it WAS to this... it's awesome. Since getting a healthy lifestyle is about more than just losing weight, I added goals to all areas of my life.

1 first 10 lbs
2 drink 3 glasses of water - daily
3 walk 15min x3 per week
4 wii wkout - 10min x 3day/wk
5 5,000 steps day - 3 days wkly
6 lose 10 more lbs
7 go visit gwen
8 wii wkout - 15min x 3day/wk
9 7,000 steps day - 3 days wkly
10 Go to Dublin, Tx for St. Patrick's Day
11 new do - 25lb celebration
12 10min daily prayer - no multitasking
13 5,000 steps day - 5 days wkly
14 lose 10 more lbs
15 wii wkout - 20min x 3day/wk
16 walk 20min x3 per week
17 spend money on self to get clothing stuff I NEED
18 wii wkout - 30min x 3day/wk
19 limit eating out - twice per wk
20 lose 10 more lbs
21 eat fresh veggie/fruit daily
22 get a bodybugg
23 walk 30min x3 per week
24 5,000 steps day - 7 days wkly
25 limit sodas to 3 per week
26 go camping - spring
27 walk 2 mile
28 lose 10 more lbs
29 take a weekend trip to celebrate 50lbs lost
30 get ok w knee to bike
31 at 280, seeing dr about fertility
32 10,000 steps day - 3 days wkly
33 complete level 1: toastmaster
34 help BCC get Spec Kids ministry
35 walk 5 mile
36 lose 10 more lbs
37 7,000 steps day - 5 days wkly
38 walk in a 5k
39 lose 10 more lbs
40 wkend trip: celebrate way pt
41 go camping - summer
42 new outfit for 75lbs
43 start training to climb a mountain
44 climb a hill (500ft)
45 10,000 steps day - 5 days wkly
46 lose 10 more lbs
47 run 1 min
48 walk in a 2k
49 bike - 2min
50 take fam - summer vaca
51 finish devotional
52 lose 10 more lbs
53 bike - 5min
54 10,000 steps day - 7 days wkly
55 run 5min
56 complete 5 Bible stories
57 run 10min
58 read 5 books of Bible
59 join a community group
60 bike - 10min
61 lose 10 more lbs
62 wkend trip: celebrate 100lbs
63 reg sizes (1st since 4th grade)
64 run 15min
65 bike - 15min
66 bike w fam
67 run 3 days per week
68 complete level 2: toastmasters
69 lose 10 more lbs
70 bike at park trails w fam
71 take a karate class
72 ride in a canoe
73 start train stomach not get motion sickness
74 take bike wkend trip
75 return to school for MS degree
76 go on hike at state park - 15min
77 take an aerobic class - and keep up
78 swim a lap in a pool
79 lose 10 more lbs
80 bike at state park
81 go on hike at state park - 30min
82 contact pub for curriculum
83 read 10 books in Bible
84 start proj to present at TXABA
85 finish 2 chapters in my book
86 run 30min
87 go camping - fall
88 go hiking in state park - sev hrs
89 lose 10 more lbs
90 find & buy a dress I feel good in
91 ride a horse
92 roller skate - permission to fall
93 go backpacking in park trails
94 go camping - winter
95 retry a roller coaster - bonus pts for not ralphing & maintaining human skin color

96 ice skate - it's okay to fall
97 do 3 trainings in 2012
98 lose 10 more lbs
99 wear a skirt
100 GOAL REACHED - Have a mini-me party!!!

I don't have to get there fast... I just have to keep reaching for my goals, and keep moving towards them. Slow and steady wins the race!

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