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8/17/10 7:09 A

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I'd like to think that my weight loss journey and experiences will make me more than just a role model, but a sympathetic and realistic physician.

Everyone knows that 'eat less, move more' works, but we can appreciate what a struggle it is. Patients are more likely to take advice seriously when it comes from someone with real experience.

Also, I think it helps not to be the smug know-it-all doc, but the real person who can say 'I know youre not stupid and lazy, youre just like I was, and you can do what I did to get healthy.'

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9/7/09 9:18 A

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My weight loss and athletic training is commented upon by all of my patients, all day long. Then, they ask me how I did it. I spend a lot of time discussing exercise, diet and sparkpeople.
I no longer feel like a hypocrite. This lifestyle change is not new for me, but this time it feels like it sticks, and it makes a big difference in my practice.

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9/6/09 11:28 P

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We're automatically role models, just because we touch so many people. I've been so disappointed in my own modelling, I've been making some pretty poor choices recently. I've been really sad about the controversy over our new Surgeon General's weight. NO one said anything about C. Everett Koop's weight. And what about the fact that this woman has built her clinic from the ground up TWICE? That she's come from humble roots? That she's not a white male? That she does incredibly good work? No, the controversy surrounds her weight. Yuck. I don't want my weight to detract from the good work I'm trying to do. I don't want people to take me less seriously because I don't know how to make proper decisions for myself. My eating has been out of control and I'm getting the help I need now to change it. Thank goodness I'm finally learning to ask for help instead of thinking I need to know everything. I don't have to be perfect just to be okay.

~I will dwell on the positive affirmations and things in my life and they will become my aspiration~

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6/3/09 10:56 A

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The responsibility of being a role model is a big motivation for me to make some serious changes this year. I will be starting medical school this fall and I feel that as a physician, I will need to live as an example to my future patients and everyone that knows me in my personal life. I feel that the medical community has a responsibility to be an example and educate their communities.

I especially love to share healthy, great tasting recipes with people. I love to show people that healthy food can taste great!


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3/19/09 9:10 P

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Glad to see someone else checking in here...

I was looking for ideas to be a role model...

3/19/09 9:05 P

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I love what you said about making it a lifestyle makeover. An acupuncture colleague of mine in Bellevue, WA and I went for 3-5 mile hikes on a regular basis as part of our business meetings. Since I have moved to an entirely different area of the country I am having to establish new ways of getting my hikes in. For now it is dancing and yoga at home until I figure out the culture here.

On the food choice front, I have gone completely gluten free and tell people about the benefits I am seeing in my life. It also involve education people about food choices and where to get quality meals for the hurried person.

"Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness."
- Alfred Bernhard Nobel

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3/16/09 6:43 A

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I came across this list in the forum, and frankly was a little surprised that noone has responded.

Last year I commented to a coworker that I thought she had lost weight. She beamed and told me - making a long story short - I had inspired her to walk an hour with her (adult) daughter three times per week - and have quality time with her.

What I often talk about - make it a lifestyle make over. Don't necessarily look at what the scale tells you, but how your clothes fit, what you eat, and for some - what changes you can make in your mets. I have a friend who is almost off her Lexapro, and barely use her inhalers ... and yes, I have a little to do with that. She went from a sedentary life style to walking half marathons (13.1 miles) regularly.

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2/12/09 9:22 P

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As medical professionals we are to be role models for the community especially in areas of health. How are you doing it? Please share!

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