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8/31/13 8:02 A

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Just starting through Tales of Xillia for the PS3.

The tales series have been one of my favorites since tales of destiny for the playstation all those years ago. This game was made for the 15th anniversary of the series, and took forever to come out in the US, but it made it eventually. Hooray! ::Throw confetti::

I'm only about 12 hours in, but so far the story is interesting enough. I can't say there's been any real surprises with the direction the story travels, but I enjoy listening to the character's chat with each other. As you walk around , you can activate "skits" in which the characters talk to each other (which I enjoy immensely). You have a choice of starting character, so I'll probably have to play through this one twice :)

The tales series uses awesome action based combat, lots of combo-ing, and the ability to free roam on the battlefield. Characters have AC which is how many moves they can string into a combo, the link mechanic which lets you team up with another part member for bonuses and special attacks. You get skills and what not from leveling up your lilium orb, which is basically a sphere grid with less work involved.

Overall, lots of fun bashing things in, and some interesting new twists from a series perspective.

I enjoy them, but I play a lot of jrpgs and could see folks who don't taking offense to some of the textures, models, and the occasionally uninspired dungeon design. There's a ton of secret nonsense hidden everywhere so there's definitely a lot of craning the camera around looking for stuff at weird angles.Wish there was more animation :)

I love motoi sakuraba. I know a lot of folks are sick to death of him and his somewhat repetitive motifs but I don't caaaaaaaaaaaare. It's good stuff. The voice acting is about as good as jrpgs get, with me not wanting to punch any of the main characters in the face (yet)

Final notes:
There's a bunch of free downloads on the playstation store if you do pick this title up. You can pick up color swaps for your character's costume, free materials, and 1000 gald. Sadly all the costumes outside the ones that came with the limited edition are for purchase only, at 2.99 a pop ( sigh) you can also buy gald and xp (Sigh again).

I'll pop in again when I finish this one !

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