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8/12/11 9:17 P

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I just finished this game so I'll add my two cents. Before I get to the bad, I liked the game play and the boss critters were certainly challenging. I thought that Reinhalt's area attack spells might have been a little too good (I slept through most non-boss encounters once I had those spells powered up). Storyline was enjoyable and the four members of your group had good personality.

I agree that the camera needed work. I have a gaming rig and at max graphic settings, this game looks terrific. However, the camera angle doesn't allow you to see enough of the world to really appreciate the detail. That was pretty disconcerting when I wanted to check out a mountain vista.

They have a companion affection scale pulled right out of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. However, in those games the affection matters. You get additional dialogue, quests, and even romance options depending on your affection. In this game, you get a very low stat bonus (+1 to +5 to one stat) and I was not able to max out the score until about 30 minutes before the boss. Getting more goodies out of this mechanic would have gone a long way.

Finally, the ending was a little bleh. It wrapped up the story nicely but it is a group of still, black and white images with a voice narrating. The Fable series does this as well and it bothers me just as much there. When I sink time into an rpg, I'd like the ending to at least have a few minutes of CG or animation. That's a personal preference though and might not bother some people at all.

As a final summary, the game took me about 15 hours to beat. While I thought it was worth buying in general, the $60 price tag was a little high in my opinion. You can obviously replay the game with the other 3 main characters but I did not find the story appealing enough to warrant it so in hindsight I'd give the price some time to come down.

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6/30/11 11:51 A

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Thanks for the review. RPG's are my kind of game and it's nice to hear an opinion on it. I can put it on my list of "games to get when I'm done with school"! LOL

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6/29/11 7:31 P

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I'm so interested in getting this game but hesitated I don't know why....but it's funny reading your review thanks for that....maybe now I'll go ahead and pick it up

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6/29/11 7:04 P

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I got this game for 360 and I have the following to say about it for those that care: :-)

The Good: The co-op element for living room is a great addition. The characters are pretty well developed and their voicing is pretty good overall (I'm playing Lucas the warrior class now and love his dialogue and Katarina who has an awesome accent which is enjoyable). For a dungeon crawler for both single player and local co-op with a friend is a fun experience, the enemies/bosses are challenging as the game develops along and the loot drops are neat and the weapons and armor pieces are pretty cool. The animation on my fire sword right now is pretty freaking cool each swing.

The Bad: For a developed engine while the game is "pretty" overall it still leaves something to be desired when you have the screen pulled all the way out (top down view) while the game does get nicer looking when you zoom in on your player it isn't practical because you can't see ranged enemies attacking you. Also a negative is that it all seems pretty linear in paths right now but I am just past the first major boss so I will give it more time to develop until I pass final judgment on this a little later. But overall the look/feel/and voicing of this RPG dungeon explorer is pretty good and I am enjoying the gameplay.

The Ugly: Whoever decided that on co-op gameplay that you can only JOIN the host with their characters and all the loot you pick up and leveling that you get....YOU CAN'T SAVE on your profile. So all the progress you make with people in their games is not saved to your gamer profile no matter how much progress you make with them. Granted you get achievements but all the stuff you find is lost. So host your own games and hope people join you and don't care about loot and leveling. LOL cause if you join other people's games on live you don't get jack crap.Whatever genius decided this for an RPG should be shot in the face.

Anyways if you want a good local coop game with a friend/parter I recommend this game when it goes on sale a bit more. I slightly regret paying full price for this game thought I would highly recommend it when it drops to say 30-40 dollar range. :-) just my two cents since I haven't seen anyone else post on this game.

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