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8/2/14 6:40 P

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The Do-It-Yourself, Consumer-Protected, No-Fee, Hassle-Free, Totally Brilliant “Debit Card”
This is from a post by Mary Hunt:
Debit cards are by far my least favorite type of plastic. The fraud protection is, at best, shaky. But beyond that, there is the temptation to use a debit card with a certain level of abandon–to purchase everything under the sun by swiping instead of writing a check or paying with cash.
It becomes far too easy to empty your bank account using a debit card than if you actually had to write out the checks and think about what you’re doing.

I would rather see you use a credit card.

What if I told you there is a way you can have a fully functional debit card without any of the problems and hassles that come with running up a credit card balance you cannot pay off in a single month. You’d say, “Mary, this is brilliant!” Well, get ready because that’s exactly what I have for you.

The rest of the information can be found here:

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10/6/13 3:35 P

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This was in an email I received:
The Target Phenomenon

By Melissa Tosetti

Every time I speak, I ask the audience if they have ever walked into Target for toothpaste and walked out pushing a shopping cart loaded with bags. With nervous laughter, typically 75% of the room will raise their hands.

Happily, it's a habit that's easily fixed by learning and implementing the secret to Savvy Habit #6 - Spend money on the things you want.

As you approach the checkout counter of any store, check your cart for stowaways. Stowaways are items not on your list, that "magically" jumped in your cart as you walked around the store. Of each stowaway ask yourself:

Do I need it?
Will I use it before I come back to this store?
Am I madly in love with it?

If the stowaway passes your questioning and it's within your budget, make the purchase! If not, take it back where you found it or hand it to the clerk and tell him/her that you changed your mind.

Implementing this simple checkpoint is one of the most powerful ways to streamline your spending.

...My note on this: In January, my hours were cut drastically. I employed this method to all my shopping. I can't tell how many things I put back. They just weren't essential. This plan works.

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4/19/13 8:26 P

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The Disappearing Receipt

This year, I was organized! But, I found that some of my receipts disappeared. With the thermal paper, ink does not stay if heat or light gets to it. They can turn black or disappear.

If you rely on receipts in your tax documents or business, I suggest scanning them when you get them. I purchased a new copier and made sure it scanned as well. Just by asking I was given a program for free to organize me receipts. Another option is to take a picture in case they disappear, so your tax deduction does not!
Judy in NY

**Lhlady's note: This is also important for warranties as well.

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2/21/13 3:19 P

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Your Financial To Do List

Would you like to finally get your finances in order? Follow these easy instructions to improve your financial life:

A. Find supplies. Gather or buy 11 hanging files, a box of manila folders and a portable file box.

B. Label the hanging files:

* Checking & Savings
* Credit Card Debt
* Family Will & Trust (If you don't have one, put this on your to do list.)
* Home Mortgage
* Insurance (life, health, car, jewelry, etc.)
* Kids' Accounts
* Liabilities (any bills such as a car loan)
* Non-Retirement Accounts
* Retirement Accounts
* Social Security
* Tax Return (most recent)

Then place the tabs along the left side of each hanging file. Put these in your portable file box.

C. Specify. Using your manila folders, label a folder for each account. For example, in your Credit Card Debt hanging file, you'll have a manila folder for each credit card.

D. Look at your planner. Schedule a time to begin collecting information for your financial files. If you're very pressed for time you might want to fill one file every day or every week.

E. Take the next step. List all your assets and liabilities. Then make an appointment with a financial planner to finish putting your financial life in order.

from Need More Time? Newsletter February 21, 2013

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

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8/28/12 6:55 P

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Use Last Week's Receipts to Make Grocery List
To keep an eye on your budget and create an instant shopping list, keep your grocery receipt from your previous trip. Put a tick mark beside each item you need, and list any additional items on the back. This will also show you how much you paid last time which makes is clear if that sale really is a deal. Paperclip your coupons to the receipt and you're ready to go.

By Beccaj23 from Chicago, IL

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8/9/12 5:58 A

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OH EDT zone

Small steps + time(cubed) = big SUCCESS


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8/8/12 8:58 P

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I got distracted on the thriftyfun site. Went off in other tangents. Very interesting. Thanks.

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8/8/12 6:16 P

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Summer travel is also a GREAT time to pick up a few Christmas gifts too. Sometimes when going through a "shoppe" I see the "perfect thing" for someone on my list. I pick it up and put it aside until the holidays.

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8/8/12 4:21 P

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Ease Your Christmas Grocery Budget
I start grocery boxes at the end of February for the next Christmas holidays. I keep a list of things I buy regularly, then wait until they are on a super sale and stock up on them. I start with non-food articles like cleaning supplies, then start stocking up on things we use everyday, like our childrens' aspirins, razors, toilet tissue, etc. Later in the summer I start purchasing canned goods, salad dressings, etc.

In November, I start picking up party crackers, peanuts, even dog food. When it comes time to buy the Christmas goodies, the grocery money is freed up for treats and all the extras. The surplus groceries usually last until the end of January at least, giving me a break in the budget.

I started doing this several years ago, and couldn't believe how much it eased the Christmas spending. Just make sure to check the "best by" dates.

By Mother of 5 from Nova Scotia

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

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