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5/15/10 8:45 P

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I'm with Jazzie. I'd definitely encourage smaller goals on the way to the 10k. Last summer, I was walking TO and FROM work, as well as walking lots and lots AT work, so I'd easily get in more than 10k. This past 6 months, though, I've barely got in 5k a day myself ... and it's hard with a desk job, even getting in THAT much! :)

If you wanted 10k steps and figure 10 minutes of brisk walking is 1k, that's ten, ten-minute walk breaks during a day ... not too tough. But definitely needs workin up to!

So keep at it, evaluate, and keep trying. And it's not necessarily 10k steps a day, it's simply getting more active than you currently are ... not all that scary! :)



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5/13/10 10:06 P

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I've been wearing an Omron Pedometer every day for more than a year now. I use it to primarily record my aerobic time. I try to walk aerobically (non-stop) for at least 30 minutes 4 or 5 days a week. And those 30 minutes do usually add up to about 3000 steps. I work in an office and while I make a point of parking at the other end of the parking lot at work & when shopping - I average about 6,000 steps a day.

I once did walk non-stop for 10,000 steps and it was about an hour and a half for sure. I did it, just to see how long & far that meant.

There was a study done on pedometer use and walking:

Moderate-intensity walking appears approximately equal to at least 100 step·min–1.However, step counts per minute is a poor proxy for METs, and so 100 step·min–1 should be used only as a general physical activity promotion heuristic. To meet current guidelines,individuals are encouraged to walk a minimum of 3000 steps in 30 minutes on 5 days each week. Three bouts of 1000 steps in 10 minutes each day can also be used to meet the
recommended goal.
(Am J Prev Med 2009;xx(x):xxx) © 2009 American Journal of Preventive Medicine

That just made good sense to me. It seems reasonable.

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5/13/10 9:23 P

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Hi, I've worn a pedometer recently for three or four days and varied between 4,000 to 14,000! It takes a while for 10,000. With me, it usually involves not taking the bus to where I'm going and/or not taking the bus after having coffee with a friend in another part of the city.
A friend says (who doesn't believe in spending money on such things as a pedometer) that 10 minutes of walking equal 1,000 steps. So, according to my rusty math, it would take 1 1/2 hours to do 10,000 steps.
Even when I wear the pedometer, I tend to go by time.

Time works for me, as well, when it comes to moods. If I can break an hour, I find the little black cloud lifting.

That's it....Good luck.

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5/13/10 8:43 P

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I wear a Bodybugg (if you're's basically an armband that measures a bunch of stuff, including steps) and HOLY COW it's hard to get that 10k. Last week I varied from 3.8k-6k, and one whopping 11k.

So here's the deal: Just track it for awhile. If you really do average 3.5k...then set a baby-goal of 4k. Baby steps! That's auntie Jazzie's advice emoticon .

Let me know how it goes!

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5/13/10 8:21 P

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I know that I lead a generally pretty sedentary life. Small house; I'm a lousy housekeeper; to car, to work, to desk, car, to home or studio, to couch, etc.

Knowing that part of stepping up (pun intended) the fitness program is choosing to be less sedentary I picked up the Omron pedometer - the wear it wherever one. Today was the first day. It's carefully nestled close to my heart (literally) and recording pretty well. However, the truth is that by the end of the day, it might make 3.5K - maybe.

I'm trying to just behave normally for a few days so that I can determine relatively honestly where my baseline is and decide what to do about that. But yeesh! Unless today is highly unusual, and I don't think it is, I've got a long ways to go.

Do you do the 10K steps thing? What's your experience? I have a desk job - really! I still like tv - I know it's fattening the nation - but I like it. My hobby mostly involves sitting there and working with metal - might swing a hammer, but that won't change my steps. Possibly build biceps.

Talk to me please....

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