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10/29/14 9:58 P

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Hi I too have been diagnosed with Cauda Equina after too late action on my L4/5 disk, en of June this year.
Boxer girl, your post could have been written by me, we are in a very similar situation.
It's a very very cruel injury. I unfortunately have no job anymore. Should you wish to know more about me, have a read of my blog I wrote today.



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9/19/13 8:57 A

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Hi all. I'm a 40 year old woman who on 8/21/13 had to have emergency surgery to remove my L4/L5 and L5/S1 discs because they were herniated and causing spinal stenosis as well as cauda equina syndrome. My sciatica pain is gone, and really have no other pain but I still have the cauda equina. All the doctors just tell me it is a waiting game. I was extremely active prior to this, kickboxing and weightlifting 8-9 times a week. Even without the 2 discs the doctor is saying I can start going back to the gym in 6 weeks or so. I'm so fortunate that the numbness is limited to my midsection (from hips to mid-thighs and part of my left foot), and I realize that some are in a much worse place than me. I can drive, I have a good job at a company which has been very supportive. I'm joining to try and get information from others as well as to have a support network which I think is going to be important, particularly if this is a permanent condition for me. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom anyone might have.

5/14/10 1:00 A

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I had never though to ask if anyone has CES. Who wrote me, - was it you honey? I am Embersidhe team leader, and yip I have CES. It sucks, sucks the life outta me, but life goes on - really.

It is hard to live with, ugh the UTIS are the worst, the cramps I get, yadda yadda and drop foot.

Send me a private note if you want to chat more/again.

HUGS Ember

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4/8/10 2:40 P

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I had cauda equina compression when I was 13-14, which led to emergency surgery to relieve the compression on the leg nerves at L4-L5. I had several more surgeries after the initial one.

For exercise, I do walk daily annd I do Wii Ea Sports Active and Just Dance. Note, I need pain meds to keep active.

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3/16/10 11:55 A

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I had spinal fusion in 2006 @ the age of 66. My neurosurgeon's parting words were "Take good care of that back, because you are already showing some osteoporsis." They didn't even want me to use a tredmill because it jars the body. I have used it this year though. The one thing I can do, is walk. I ordered Leslie Sansone's Walking @ Home DVD's on line. She has lots of them. I bought 5 of them, but some are too fast paced for me and I will never be able to do those. I use one that is for strength, using the band, love this one. Another one is Walk This Way, it is fairly easy for me. When used, you work out every muscle in the body. These are the only exercises that work for me.

I hope that this will help some of you, who has not heard of these DVD's.

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3/15/10 1:37 P

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Hi! P90X is pretty intense! I used to do regular P90, before my injury, and I still like to do P90 abs. It's got to be frustrating for you! I know the pain specialist I see is not that helpful with exercises, and he is always telling me what NOT to do, so I don't end up with much that I can do.

Is there any exercise you can do that does not cause pain? I found that some of the dance workouts I can do because they don't cause pain, and they actually stretch my middle and lower back out. If you have Netflix, you can try them out and see which ones don't cause pain.

Good luck!

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3/15/10 2:50 A

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I don't know anything about this condition but it sounds like OUCH!!!

Firstly - I would speak with your Dr and ask what type of exercises would be appropriate for you, and also ask for a referral to a Physiotherapist who specialises with this sort of thing. They will be able to not only tell you what would be suitable, but also show you and correct any poor positions etc.

Secondly - perhaps water therapy might be the thing for you - it is easier on damaged joints etc. BUT once again, check it out with a medical professional first.

Now with regard to the loosing weight with exercises restrictions - that is me!-)

I would be inclined to ask for a referral to a Dietician. I was sent to a Dietician by my Dr. I took along a number of printouts from my Nutrition Tracker, and from that she determined that it wasn't WHAT I was eating, and I wasn't even OVER-eating. She told me what I was having was the same as they put people on to LOSE the weight - it was the level SP had recommended. She told me it showed that I had a very slow metabolism. As a result she had me drop my calories further - to 1400, no range. The weight started to come off. I lost just over 23kg (approx. 50lb) after having been overweight for about 30 years. I weigh ALL of my food and enter it in the Nutrition Tracker. I feel it is important to do that because when we guess the weight of food, for some reason we tend to underestimate it's weight and therefore end up putting more calories into our bodies than we realise. The same with estimating calories. Until it is entered, we don't realise just how inaccurate we are.

I never increased the exercise I do (and have done for years) because of my skeletal issues.

My exercise is 1hr Pilates per week, taken by a qualified practicing Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructer. This is a good move, because she can adjust any incorrect positions, and also gives me alternatives if they are doing something which will aggravate my problem. My other form of exercise is walking - in the house. I put all of my laundry and groceries away one at a time. Today I did a 10 minute walk and had to stop because of pain. Most times it is around the 15-30 minute walk - but usually low-mid 20's. I usually get about 3-4 walks per week doing this. The beauty of this is I can stop when needed and don't have to walk back home. I can sit straigh away.

I hope that this has helped.


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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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3/15/10 1:04 A

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hello all! i can not even explain how excited i am that there is a group for those with spinal conditions!! i have cauda equina syndrome. anyone else familiar with it?? i've undergone 2 spinal surgeries to correct some of the damage that happened 10 years ago when i fell from a tree and the injury first began, yeah - 10 years is how long i went with broken discs and spinal cord compression until a neurosurgeon finally took me seriously. needless to say, i live in pain and it sucks. i am only 25 years old.
its so hard to lose weight when you can exercise like a normal person, as you all probably understand. my husband and i purchased the p90x dvds a month or so ago and i couldn't make it through half of one dvd before i was dying of pain.
what does everyone else do to work out when nothing else works and you're trying to lose weight??
again, so glad i found this group!


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