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11/14/09 2:13 P

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Jane on Guam

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11/13/09 3:59 P

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Wow! That is so cool. I love it!!
I'm going to tape a printed copy to my bathroom wall and study it everyday. Thanks!!

"Every Job Is A Self-Portrait Of The Person Who Did It. Autograph Your Work With Excellence."

"One step back equals two steps forward. We are always a step ahead by continuing."

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11/13/09 2:44 P

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10 Tips. 10 Pounds Lighter.
We're at the time of year when our motivation wanes, and many convenient distractions keep us from eating healthy or exercising.

With a little awareness we can ignite our motivation again. This next series of blasts will help us regain our focus.

M - Mindset Take time to evaluate what's going on in your mind. What triggers your snack attacks? What distracts you from choosing healthy options? Write these things out in our free Online Journal. Learning what's going on inside can help inspire you to make better, healthier decisions.

O - Organize Before you go to the grocery store organize a meal plan and create a shopping list. Sticking to a plan and list can help you look forward to the next snack or meal and build some excitement in eating.

T - Time Make time for creative activities. Whether you take up dancing, run around with your kids, or even go out for a daily walk before work or after dinner. Whatever you come up with, try to make time in your busy schedule to do something fun and active.

I - Inform Experiment with activity and healthy recipes to learn what you like. Information is a powerful source to keep you going. What's more, sharing what you learn with others helps build your confidence and enthusiasm.

V - Variety Shake things up. Routines are helpful, but your body learns and adapts quickly. Try to keep it guessing with new activities and foods to make your body work for you.

A - Activity Keep moving, and find fun ways to say active. Grab a friend and join a walk/run club or hit the community courts for a pick-up game of basketball. Find the activities that make you smile, and rotate through them.

T - Trust No work is in vain when it comes to weight loss. Even when you're not seeing the results you expected, you have to believe your dedication is changing your life and body. Trust what you're doing will produce the results you envision.

I - Imagine What does success look like for you? What size pants or dress will you fit into when you reach your next goal? Keep a picture of success in front of you, and your work will get you there.

O - Observant Take notice of the changes going on with you. Are the healthy changes in your diet affecting how you feel about yourself? Are others taking notice? Do you look at food choices a critical eye? Observe the changes going on in you. They are real, and your family and friend will notice.

N - New We're not in this journey simply to revert to our old ways. The change in our lives is real and lasting. In a sense, we're creating a new life for ourselves. Let the new you influence your decisions and activity as you continue to live smarter and healthier.

My enemies don't be glad because of my troubles!
I may have fallen, but I will get up;
I may be sitting in the dark, but the Lord is my light
Micah 7:8

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