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Oolala- I love that photo of you on the edge of the cliff (or whoever it is). That's just how I feel before a binge. I find this habit is an interesting challenge. I think that now there are many times that I don't even think of binging where before I would have run to food. Instead I am handling issues on paper or out loud or in my head. That said, there are still binging moments for me but here is what I have learned...

I need to eat REGULARLY. If I don't eat at the right times I get very hungry and can get out of control. Today I had 6 hours of meetings back to back. I ended up making it a progressive lunch- at 9:30 I ate veggies, at 11 grapes, at 12 fruit salad at 1 a frozen meal.

If I am tired I need to sleep, not eat.

If I don't get enough water this need gets masked as hunger or a headache that makes me want to eat. I need at least 8 glasses a day. These need to be spread out (like food).

Exercise helps stave off any binge and brings a whole set of seratonin into my head.

There are times of the month when I CRAVE more than I need. I want to be conscious of those. They also effect the scale with unwanted water weight.

I need to disengage myself from the scale. I have discovered on the SP journey that every 2 weeks I gain. week 1 I have a big loss (2 1/2 lbs or so). Week 2 I gain back 1/2 to 1 lb. It doesn't matter what I eat or exercise or drink or sleep, that's just the weird way my body is. If I get too caught up in that I end up getting pissed off with myself and eating in spite of it.

I know all these things about myself and guess what? I still binge. But the binges are much shorter and much farther apart in time. I used to have binges that lasted a month! Now if it's over 2 hours that is amazing. One thing I do is damage control. As quick as I can I get to the computer and type all the foods I can remember into SP. Sometimes I discover that the binge wasn't too bad- one day I binged and still had 400 calories left for dinner. Granted I ate enough fat for a day and 1/2 but so what? I realized I wasn't as 'terrible' as I was beating myself up for. And those days when I go over my expecting calorie intake- it often is a lot less than the 'thousands' I have created in my head- maybe 300-400 calories. Easily expended in a good step class emoticon

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Post here regarding your struggles and victories recognizing when you were about to binge and was able to stop yourself.


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