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11/15/10 5:18 P

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I like Tae Kwon Do it is a very god diciplin.
i take it at Golds Gym in Culpeper Va
and my Master instructor Cindy teaches us punching techniques as well as Kicking & blocking techniques
I am learning the tae Means feet Kwon means Hands and Do means mind.

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3/29/10 11:28 P

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We are very lucky that we have our own community hall in our strata. Members can rent it for $5 per hour. Some guy had started a Tai Chi club and I went there once a week, but after a few months there just weren't enough people at the class to make it worthwhile. This guy also happened to be the Sensei of the River Springs Nisei Karate club and he invited me to visit and see if I like it. And I did! Even though the first few classes I thought I was going to die halfway through the warm-up, I stuck with it and now I'm working on my black belt grading - I'm aiming for next summer.

Nisei karate is based on Shotokan and incorporates some elements of Go-Ryu and of kung fu. I like to think that we solved the age old question "Is karate better or kung fu?" by taking the best of both styles. Compared to Shotokan, it is more defensive; the moves tend to be circular rather than straight. Some of the katas look like fast forward Tai Chi. Anyway, I like it.

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9/17/08 12:37 A

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I picked Tae Kwon Do as my first style of Martial Arts. I was a musician. After reading about several styles I felt I would try TKD because it concentrated on kicking and at the time I was desperately afraid to put my hands in danger. TKD gave me a very structured and wonder foundation for my future studies. I learned about respect for the Sensi, Dojo, Gi... A firm foundation of the fundamentals and a need for learning "the right way" before trying to make adjustments. Also, I really appreciated the spiritual aspects of TKD. I had never meditated before and this opened my mind to totally new ideas regarding my body and health. TKD later turned out not to be the Martial Art I would decide to put my heart and soul into, but I don't think I would be as good of Martial Artist today without experiencing what I learned then.


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