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12/15/12 3:54 P

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Just didn't want misinformation to be posted. A mentally ill person CAN be forced to take medication. A friend if mine has a son who is court-ordered to take medication. A member of his ACT treatment team visited him daily to administer his oral medication & then he was taken to the hospital to get s shot once a month.

Unfortunately, after a few years he continued to decline as he was living in Section II housing, surrounded mostly by low-functioning elderly people, & he continued to have persistent & strong religious delusions that were threatening to his mother, especially as she was his guardian so he sees her as "Satan's tool." Maybe his illegal drug use was interfering w/his meds.

So now at the age of 24 he is involuntarily committed to the mental hospital in the hopes he will get better treatment in a supervised environment (& away from the drug dealers as he started to take illegal drugs daily)..

So there are occasions where people are court-ordered to take psychiatric medications if they are unwilling to do so & the judge, after looking over the evidence provided by the medical professionals treating the person as well as family members, decides it is in the best interest if the person & society (safety).

This young man has been in the hospital for 6 mos. & the judge reviews his progress every 3 mos.

My mother had schizo-affective disorder & was involuntarily committed to a mental institution as she would not take her medication when she got released every time after a crisis & she was deemed extremely dangerous (homicidal & suicidal)

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12/14/12 6:55 P

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Mental illness is a very grey area. You cannot, according to law, force a mentally ill person to take their you might have a person who is totally out of control...In Florida we have the Baker Act which allows anyone to call for help if they see a person who is acting out and my hurt themselves or others...its a 72 hr hold...(I think). There is not enough help in the community...people are in denial...and there are too many guns out there that are not necessary...Also persons with a mental illness "act out"...its an illness that is not an "illness" like an infection or a herniated is very difficult to have empathy or sympathy for a person with a mental disorder...You might say "People Just Don't Get It!"
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12/14/12 6:16 P

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regarding the Ohio school shooting awhile back... the CT school shooting today ... the stabbings of children in China... the movie premier massacre awhile back ... and whatever else I've missed.

Feel free to comment in here so we can support each other and get through the trying times about to occur that hopefully don't drag mental health back into the shadows and we all become liars and recluse.

my FB status a few minutes ago:

i don't know all the story of today, and I don't want to, I can't know it! however, i feel it necessary to say regardless of shooter's mental status, not everyone qualifies for medical treatment and/or can't afford it... and in my case don't have sufficient treatment options available. B/c I'm high-functioning and intelligent the therapists and psychiatrists don't really know how to treat me. That's their words. Basically I'm on my own until one day I get pissed and throw a temper tantrum or otherwise make a scene. That's not really my style.

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